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Abundance - Blessings of Eternal LIGHT and INFINITE LOVE to ALL!!!
 Thursday Feb, 27th 2014 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends. I am but a humble man working tirelessly towards the betterment of ALL Humanity Alike. I’m beginning my journey into reaching as many hearts as I can. I love you all dearly and will continue to fill your hearts with the INFINITE LOVE that I am. So long as I hear you I’d like to speak to you about Abundance. ALL THAT IS, all pervasive, ever expansive, is the karmic balance of infinite love and over-shining light of GOD/SPIRIT/ALL THAT IS. So long as we are in fear of our karmic balance, we are in fear of our own selves. I do not fear money, I do not fear time, I do not fear food, I do not fear... I do feel the fear in the hearts of Humanity as they struggle to find that balance between fear and the light of GOD, but as I found myself, I began to make those choices in healing ALL THAT I HAD BEEN, then learned to focus on ALL THAT I MIGHT BECOME and chose to recreate that which is the most Divine Intentions that I AM right now. This is my infinite and eternal Living Meditation. Carrying these Divine Intentions of the “Future Right Now” there within our BEING, we can manifest a GOLDEN FREEDOM, free from all fear. I choose to love that which I am, taking full accountability and ownership of all that I am. Now, I am now “Walking the path of Knowing” -Knowing that I will be guided towards the very best direction for all hearts alike. I offer my blessings of Eternal Light and Infinite Love to all the hearts of humanity in my quest to heal all souls seeking a warmer heart. I hope all souls alike find the peace and joy, the love and light, the ever lasting Golden Blessing of Freedom there within their hearts. I offer all that I can on my website and through my healing heart towards all souls alike, to whomever I cross walking that path of divinity. I walk with you, dear hearts. I walk among you and I love you so very much. Please consider a shared blessing of abundance as we manifest an ever greater world of infinite love birthed from the highest light that we all are. Every bit helps us come together as one. Blessings.. Jacob “A GOD-Fearing Man is a Self-Fearing Man” - Jacob I am here as the physical thought adjuster to Archangel Metatron. I am your brother, your equal.. I am a descended Son of God, among many that are here at this time, and I am simply a humble man here with you, to guide you, to love you and to help assist you in a return to that FAITH and to that LOVE so long removed and forgotten. Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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