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Oh I So Love You “Dark Souls” of the Cabal...
   Monday Aug, 6th 2012 With the ever increasing showing of star ships around the planet, and more and more new news stations willing to share this information, it is seemingly any day now that massive showings of decloaked star ships will be seen around major cities creating an undeniability in which all the world can truly see truth. With that truth comes the knowing of the oppression and terrors caused by the cabal to all humanity over the eons. Those of us who are in the knowing of all these things will not have such a shock of it all and so I wanted to make this point as clear as possible as well as just how important it is. The surface of the planet will soon be full of questions, and likely full of emotions; fear of what is to come, anger for what has been done, etc... It will be a shock to so many, but that is what I wanted to talk about. It is not about the shock at all, but the vibrational resonance that affects the planet and all of us together as a co-creative collective consciousness as a whole. For those of us in the knowing, it will be a critical time for us to stay in our calm, loving place of unconditional love. We must set the example to love all souls alike. As we set this example, we will greatly help flip the scales from the oppression of all humanity, all the while reducing and calming the dangerous period of panic so many others may find themselves experiencing. Hold on to your hearts, my fellow ground crew friends/family. The dark ones have an agenda. It has nothing to do with the many horrors they have and continue to inflict upon us and everything to do with lowering our vibrations and it is that simple at this point. The do not even comprehend compassion. They have dimmed their hearts so far that the love of source cannot even reach them. Most of them have gone as far as removing their Diamond Core God Seed Atom from within their Hearts. Set aside the past deeds and look to the future that is promised to reward us all for all that we have endured in this lifetime especially -for all that we have done to give back. Practice forgiveness and let any hatred or anger transmute to love. This is how we WIN, my friends. Holding those grudges allows them a hold on both you and humanity. Have you wondered why the knowledge about the Illuminati was ever allowed to surface when it was kept secret so successfully for all those years? It is as simple as the fact that they knew they were on their way out and that there wouldn't be anything anyone could do to stop them until the very end. Allowing the release of knowledge about their societies and clubs and practices raised a great deal of hate and anger, did it not? Well they are all but done and gone now. What do say we finish them off together with love?! You don't have to like what they do in order to love them. After all, we ARE all one, are we not? Even as far removed from source, they are still part of the whole. However long their personal choices will take in their evolution, we all return to source eventually. Practice acceptance of these dark souls as their journey is the most difficult of all. Even if it is incredibly difficult to see it that way now, can we all agree that love conquers all? It is not necessary to like what they do in order to hold them in your hearts. In love and adoration to all of us as we are just getting to the fun part… Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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