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Beyond the Veil of Secrecy - Walking the Rainbow Bridge of Divinity
Thursday Dec, 17th 2015 Are you spiritual, or are you religious? It has been taught for eons that we have both a temporal life and a spiritual life. Since the fall of man there has been a gradual decline from religion unto spirituality. Religious text says that we will return back to divine father and divine mother once again, however those who consider themselves spiritual say it is all about love and openness and being as one with everyone and everything. Humanity rising once again is another story however. We all have within us a seed crystal from Source, or Mother/Father God. Since our known recorded beginning of many eternities/ages passed, there were created four archangels and then again many legions thereafter. And these Archangels and their twin stars Archea have been seeding wisdom within all humanity through many incarnations even among us now. We continue learning as humanity as a whole of truth and abundance of harmony and beauty that seeds our divine heart seed crystals into a brand new golden infinity, blessed by Grandfather time. May this last many eternities so long as we can shift with Mother Gaia in grace. However, in the beginning were created as I said, first Yahweh holding the light of Sanat Kamara, then Archangel Metatron holding the light of Sankara as the Archangel of Fire, then Archangel Sandalphon holding the light of Sanaka, the Archangel of Water and then the fourth Archangel Gabriel holding the light of Sananda as the avian Archangel, whispering blessings within the very air we breathe. Archangel Metatron brings the revealing of secrets as humanity becomes ready for them. Archangel Sandalphon holds great wisdom as well within his legions stored within the memories of our true ancient history. And of course Archangel Gabriel is a true messenger as he helps carry whispers of creativity unto humanity from their higher selves intuition throughout all that we are. As the original four, Father Yahweh as well as the three aforementioned Archangels/Kumaras and there Twin Star Archea carry the Four Elements along with great wisdom and knowledge through  many teachings and incarnations within and among humanity. And as hinted through the Hollywood film, "The Fifth Element" We brothers and sisters are that 5th Element holding space throughout time within and of Mother Gaia. Isn't it so true that there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path? And, so be it then that we as humanity all walk the path of learning, so long as we remember to do so, humbly in grace among our brethren. However, so clever and mysterious is Grandfather Time as he holds within our hearts and shares that truth of learning and gained wisdom along with Divine Mother or Grandmother Willow(referencing Pocahontas Movie) as Mother Gaia in her own beautiful way is the very massive seed source crystal of Divine Father. So mysterious indeed was it after the first four Archangels were then created additional Archangels and their Twin Star feminine counterparts carrying they're very specific virtues that seeded all that we are as humanity through the many eternities that lead us to the end of our path of discernment, or the very beginning of our Golden Infinity. Clever as I mentioned, is Grandfather Time as was created then the most important virtue as was gifted to us all back then. And so we carry in our hearts and hold the space within and of mother Gaia the virtue of love. So it was created, Archangel Luciel and his Twin Star, Archea Lucia with the virtue of love. Call upon them for great wisdom of many times lost and returns, the virtue of love. As I mentioned before in a previous article and so I will again mention the mystery of Grandfather Time and how he works through us all, I want to ask you as your brother, what does it do you think the term "Falling In Love" originates from? Are we not rising in an ascension as one in unity my dear brothers and sisters? So what is it then that caused the fall of man? And why has it been so long through so many Eternity's for us to rise again now as we pass through the Photon Belt, a 180 degree shift or passing of polarities in the grand rotation of our galaxy? And so it is then as I reveal these secrets to you now, we each becoming more aware of the Bridge of Consciousness as we open the veil of secrecy through conscious inclusion of our subconscious Angelic or Christ Selves. However, the very truth that rests within and beyond that veil of secrecy is a great void or abyss. As we're now discovering beneath our feet, a Rainbow Heart Bridge of awareness containing the divinity hiding within our higher and highest light(Click here for a free gift meditation of the Rainbow Heart Alignment.) The Rainbow Heart Bridge is a process through this passing of time in which the space we hold within and among mother Gaia, we are in judgment of ourselves as the light we hold within our Higher Hearts or Christ Hearts. We are growing in wisdom through the path of learning a discernment of the virtue of love, now in truth into a higher and greater light than ever held within our hearts before. Look upon yourselves in this time of self evaluation in humility and excitement, dear brothers and sisters. As the veil opens to us, we are whispered to, this revealing of secrets to each and everyone of us as we become ready; some of us being lifted up, some of us lifting up others and all of us rising as one together. And so we begin to realize the wholeness of the full spectrum reality and the Triality of our incarnation and the great importance and relevance to this time we all hold in grace and generosity with one another. It is in this charity, grace and hope that we all learn to rise as one in humility and gratitude, once again with the great wisdom returning to us of Grandfather Time and Grandmother Willow both. And so it is that we one and all together in unity begin to paint the sky with all the colors of the wind. As mentioned, so then in the beginning was created an Archea and Archangel to carry the very virtue of love. However what is love without the light that fills it or fills us? And I will say this once more because it is so very important now for Humanity as a whole and for each of our hearts individually to know "True Love" or love in truth. So what is truth then? And where does the light of truth come from? It is gifted from original source, or as through Grandfather Time, Yahweh, and Archangel Metatron as these truths are unveiled. It is also an ever expanding gathering of wisdom through the thoughts and memories of Archangel Sandalphon and his legions. And it is of course whispered and heard through the airwaves, echoed unto humanity thereby the soaring wings of Archangel Gabriel and expressed through a creative soul song of each individual incarnation as we all become the grand symphony of humanity in unity, one and all. We are learning the value of no longer clashing in chaos between sisters and brothers and rather and instead being lead within as a self- reflection of truth to then express as Love among one another. This is all overseen by the knowing of Yahwey. So what is then the four elements and the fifth of humanity lost within mother Gaia, the very heart that we are learning to open up and appreciate rather than digging into her so destructively in search of wisdom that has already there within us all, just waiting to be sung; our Rainbow Heart Cords are meant to connect us, only ever at the cost of charity. If only it was so easy to remember that you cannot lose what love you gift unto any other as love is a virtue that is only given. What we receive is truth, unending or perhaps expressed by words unknown to us? We simply need to learn how to listen as all those colors are given so that we may paint in artistry, sing our soul songs or play our very specific instrument in the grand orchestra of all. Here we are now learning from, as we were the fall of man, or from falling in love and instead rising in wisdom and absolute truth as shared through one sight, one heart, one mind, one GOD. As each and everyone of us crosses the Rainbow Bridge of Divinity you are beginning to understand the value in knowing thyself in truth as God knows you. As your God self, you know your deeds of righteousness, you know your mistakes and wrong-doings and you know yourself of course as Christ, your angelic self, one within all that we are. I must mention importance of Archangel Michael in this shifting time as he carries the true light and seeds of faith through all of us. And so it is and so it has always been the very nature of Grandfather Time; so mysterious is he not? Grandmother Willow(Mother Nature) is calling out to us all to birth in a whole new set of colors and notes for us to play, one and all as we are all each and one of us individual instruments of God. As we each one and all heal our past, we are all now returning to wholeness in the space we hold and we carry that space as time unravels perhaps as a spool of yarn. And as that spool of yarn opens into whatever end maybe or might be infinite, we are all experiencing multiple deja-vu's, at least at a subconscious level, we then gain ever greater insight into an angelic remembrance of who we've been and who we are becoming as we walk the path of the rainbow in self reflection. We are all part of that ball of yarn, both magically gaining mass as we hold greater light, and then unstringing our Rainbow Heart Cords unto one another with love unending as time itself funnels into oneness, containing us all in unity. What an aurora of love in truth does Grandfather Time account for in the all-knowingness of his children? And so it is the tree of learning... Grandmother Willow. So many grains of sand we are... So delicate this time of shifting in grace, a grand symphony of wisdom thereafter... Are we insignificant grains of sand returning to dust in a cosmic wind, or are we each a brilliant and individual light beacon as an expression of Divine Father as he guides us in a gentle adjustment and/or lightning strike transforming each grain of sand into a crystalline cornerstone building anew in ever-greaterness? Please open your higher hearts to Archangel Sandalphon he reaches out to us in purification of his waters as they're washing each of us, a grain of sand echoing the shores of Avalon. Please listen to Archangel Metatron as his lightning crashes in an adjustment upon the same sands transforming sandstone into a crystalline cornerstone, each of us a piece of Divine Mother as she extends her pyramid into Divine Father manifesting the new blueprint; Love in Truth. Please listen to Archangel Gabriel as he clears the air with his whispering wings. Please let Mother/Father God join together within you as your new Merkaba. Many years ago, I was told, "First Faith then Love." In other words, first light then love. However, what is love without the light that fills us? This theme has been ringing true in all of my recent teachings and/or articles. And so there are many of us continuing on with an unquestioned faith in whatever scriptures or gospels have been left behind or allowed to remain as "the word." To me, that faith is beautiful for the crystal clear seed it plants in my heart to know love in truth and what is there awaiting us all if we all pull through. Bless us all in grace. I hear the words "Time and Space", but what are we without the space to reside a duration of time there in? I hear "Love and Light", but what is love then if there's no light within our hearts to express that love? So, what is love other than the very light/energy that we fill as both our physical and higher Hearts, either in stillness of thought, or then whatever speed that our light can contain us(E=mc2)? And again, what is light other than absolute truth when seen by all? In other words, in darkness we are all blind, are we not? So doesn't that make sense that we can't have love without light? And so it was as man fell into love. So doesn't it make sense that light in good faith illuminates us as the very energy we fill as we're walking the Rainbow Bridge? Do you know that this incarnation is a test of the greatest importance? So who's testing us? If through the fall of man, was a loss of faith, who is testing us now? What are we returning to? The answer is hidden within you. Ask... So then why was Archangel Luciel created before Archangel Michael? The simple answer is that love is the virtue, the expression of and the very reason for incarnating; to express that love within and throughout one and all. And so we are all reminded over and over again through the whispers of Archangel Gabriel, by feeling through ancient knowledge we receive through Archangel Sandalphon and reveled by the light of Archangel Metatron, a new blueprint. Now is the time to see light for the absolute truth that it was meant to be, if so that light is seen by one and all. That is when truth becomes absolute. So through Archangel Michael we receive insights of good faith to follow, no longer in blind faith as we have such vast and great history including the dark ages and a great amount of this history withheld from us, so it is a test to receive once more what we fell away from. The entire history of humanity rising once more in true love with wisdom of our ancient saints and sages and our Ascended Masters. That is after all who we are. We are all descended sons and daughters of God and ascending masters, each of us now rising as one in unity once more. Dear brothers and sisters, may there no longer be separation between spirituality and religion and rather a healing and returning to our childhood innocence. Am I suggesting that we all attend church? Yes, if it brings joy and meaning to your life. Matthew 18:20 ~ For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. 1 Corinthians 6:19 ~ Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? Mother Father, please hear my prayer... your light Father... your creation Mother and my workings all together... May each one of us find love in truth. "May true love fill your wings with all the colors of the wind." ~ Jacob Through Archangel Metatron, Melchizedek, Grandfather Time and the Living Mother Blessings of Love and Adoration Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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