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Is The Light of GOD Infinite? What Is LOVE and LIGHT?
Tuesday Feb, 18th 2014 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends. I've been speaking and writing about KNOWING, FEELING and BEING for so long now; KNOWING the LIGHT of GOD, and FEELING the INFINITE LOVE that we are within our SOUL HEARTS. This is what allows us to birth in an incarnate conscious BEING in FREEDOM. Our HEARTS and SOULS are ETERNAL and our Unconditional LOVE is INFINITE. This is ABSOLUTE TRUTH. So when I'm in the KNOWING of my LIGHT, I ponder on the infinite light of GOD/SPIRIT/ALL THAT IS/ALL THAT WE ARE, experiencing GOD as GOD and its been argued that LIGHT is not infinite, but the enlightenment that we are all striving to achieve comes and goes with our choices and this effects our KARMA. What is LIGHT? Within our incarnate BEING, this is our KARMA. It is the light that resides within us. We see this LIGHT through the "Light of our Eyes" This LIGHT is also KNOWN and FELT by others as throughout the Magnetic Field of our Mental Self, our Energetic expression of our SOUL HEARTS, it is the Ethereal Cloud of our Emotions which makes up the Physical AURA that we all carry. People are concerned about KARMA all the time, but that's the very best way to stay in a KARMIC BURDEN of ones' own fear, so stay in the enlightenment of your very best interests and carry the very best interest of others, because there is NO OTHER way to burn off KARMA than to do the very best thing for others. Its so important to always to be accommodating to others, taking full accountability and ownership for one's own being so that we are not doing harm to anyone else. And to always be aware of others and their own needs is the best way to reach out a hand in courtesy rather than to fall into emotional traps which lead us into FIGHT or FLIGHT mode. Please always try to take the 3RD OPTION to FIGHT or FLIGHT by "Standing Strong With Gentle Eyes" when someone is angry and by "Holding Them Gently With Strong Arms" when someone is sad. And please share you hearts with others, my fellow brothers and sisters, because for those in FIGHT or FLIGHT mode, they need our hearts most of all. The LOVE of our HEART and SOUL is INFINITE, so let us stay in our HEARTS, because it is a wide open heart and the UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING HEART that keeps the LIGHT OF GOD infinite, my brothers and sisters. I love you all so very much! ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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