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Ascension, Disclosure, First Contact.. All That You Seek IS WITHIN YOU!
Thursday, Feb 9th 2013 Waking Up is not the end of anything. There is ALWAYS another question to ask.. another layer to peel.. another wound to heal.. another note to play.. another song to sing.. another bell to ring.. another seed to plant.. another tree to climb.. another "me" to find.. When Will I Ascend? ALL Humanity will ascend if they are actively choosing this path to remain here with Gaia. They are being lead along by all the Light Workers here on ACC, by those all across the globe as well as many Way Showers not yet even aware still of the light they are shining. Perhaps that is YOU?! Are you aware that you are here to create that wave of ascension rather than to ride that wave of ascension? All humanity will ascend in accordance with the one time line in agreement as of now, but as we the Ground Crew and ALL Humanity evolve, so quickly, the global collective consciousness awareness either continually chooses a faster and more exponentially evolving time line, or otherwise stays in stagnation. Why Are There So Many Delays?! I will not speak of specific dates in the time line in public as doing so promotes a relaxation of the WILL. Knowing the most likely outcome forces many into a stagnation or a conformation to that given time line, and that really truly IS why all those many delays and let downs continue happening over the years. You see, when we are told something will happen at a certain moment, we sit and wait for it. That is the nature of being in the denser vibrational frequencies of the outer dimensions of duality. Not only do we wait for that moment that in turn doesn't come, but we feel let down when that moment passes and so even further delayed we become. If only.. we could ALL realize that the Moment we’re all waiting for is RIGHT NOW! If only.. we could ALL understand that ALL TIME occurs at once, then it would be known that you must become that Moment you are waiting for before you can ever manifest those circumstances within your living incarnate BEING. However, with that said, I can tell you as proven through personal experience, that ascension is NOT set along or bound to any specific time line for any ONE or for any group. It is a personal journey back to the true Feelings of the Soul and to the absolute Truth and Knowing of Spirit, specific to each and every one of us as Individual Expressions of Prime Creator. Most everyone agrees in the Law of Attraction, though so many still yet do not fully comprehend how it works and so the main point here is that Waiting Is NOT Creating anything other than the status quo. As we each individually seek within to discover and feel ALL THAT WE ARE -to unlock and know ALL THAT IS, ascension happens so VERY quickly, my friends! If all the Light Workers, all the Way Showers, all the Ground Crew would step back from the Internet, not to disconnect from ALL THAT IS you see, but precisely the opposite, giving pause to their all too frequent (E)motional sojourns of interacting with sources outside of themselves and spend more time looking inward within their own hearts, everyone would so quickly prove to themselves that we are really, truly ALL ONE, in UNITY as Individual Expressions of Prime Creator which is a far grander fulfilling experience than those (E)motional reflections so many are currently seeking outside of themselves and they'd clearly see why those (E)motions were brought to the surface in the 1st place. It is the (Energy in)Motion that gives us the experiences we seek in order to learn our lessons, but if we do not seek within each our own hearts to learn the true Feelings of the Soul behind those (E)motions, then we only continue riding that wave of Energy in Motion until we "Catch the Drift" of those signals and/or warnings. All the knowing of the entire Cosmos is already within YOU! It is all available as through the seed atom within each and every heart in all creation. Ascension, Disclosure and First Contact.. I have been saying and proving this all along on my website and YouTube channel, you must stop waiting, my dear friends. We are all each individual powerful creator beings! Ascension, Disclosure, First Contact.. This all occurs within each our own hearts as through our Divine Willpower and our Deliberate Intent.  It’s those two factors that manifests our Living Incarnate BEING and manifests our experience. If you want Disclosure, seek within and ALL THAT IS will be known. If you want First Contact, seek within and you will meet your Star Family. If you want Ascension, seek within and you will become ALL THAT YOU ARE! There is no predetermined time line for the individual. It is our Free Will choice to wait, or to create. I have chosen to be a Cosmic Being. Ask and it shall be given... I have many proven tools and techniques available on my website, but ultimately, it must ALL be proven within each our own hearts as we progress.. as we create.. as we each individually become ALL THAT WE ARE, each one by one, realizing our natural birthright as Cosmic Beings and in turn, we collectively create that grander conscious awareness in UNITY with one another. "Absolute Truth and Abundance Are As FREE As The Air You Breathe! It Is Found Within YOU(r Heart) Laying Dormant, Waiting For You To Unlock!" ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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