We have a Nervous System, but what if we filled it with light?! The most vast and prevalent power source of all creation has been hidden from man kind on Planet Earth for as far back  as we’ve had access to recorded history and to such extremes that anything related to the Static Electric Fields that flow  throughout creation has been snuffed out and immediately shut down from ever having a chance of taking hold as public  knowledge on the surface of this world.   Everything from the atoms, to our cells, within our bodies, the planet itself and the Solar  System and beyond all has its own Nervous System as part of a full spectrum,  multidimensional piece of the rainbow that makes up everything in creation. It is just one  piece of the rainbow, the hidden piece of humanity in which resonated so counter-  productively through our own numbness and lacking of "feeling" unto the actual planet  itself and is precisely why she became so sick. She too had incurred our state of  numbness through her false compassion towards the people in which she allowed so  much destructive, abusive and neglectful behaviors to go on for so long through these  actions like drilling for natural gases and oils, all the radio waves, toxic air and water and dirt, all these destructive energy  systems, not to mention the many failures surrounding atomic power and all those detonated bombs that have effected the  planet at a multidimensional level. But now she is taking a stance. And so many of us us are helping her to heal! Just as  each and every one more person begins to resonate in love within their own beings in absolute acceptance of all rather  than in judgment of self and others, this love and joy and compassion also resonates within and throughout the entire  planet.    Our body's nervous system is centered at the base of the brain. This is the Dark Blue  Chakra that has been hidden from us to keep us from truly feeling again as well as  reconnecting to our Higher Selves. Imagine for just a moment if this chakra had been  allowed to stay in the mainstream charts -people would be researching it -people would  become enlightened quite literally through there nerves. With a fully active nervous  system, as Prime Creator intended, we would then naturally manifest better physical  structures in our bodies to hold the light of our Higher Selves.. We would research and  develop technologies based on this power.  The thought of people not remembering their past lives, not remembering the dreams  they have, not even knowing who they really are... and completely doubting the  existence of God… this is absolute insanity and ludicrous to the Angels and to anyone  not living on the surface of planet Earth. It took years of research to even understand  why or how one's light/astral body could not be in sync with their physical body. This is  so far from the natural order of things that it had Heaven literally scratching their heads  for many years as what to even do to resolve this situation on Planet Earth. People on  most other planets in all of creation do not even talk about the "Highest Self" or the  "Soul" in the sense of how we define these things. There is no gap to fill -no bridge to gap to return to this state of being.  People simply are a living incarnation of their souls. They have the full knowledge of their Akashic History, including both  their past and their future lives as in this duality of "Unity Consciousness" there in not time at the Highest Self level.  We are on the cusp of understanding these things more readily and all is about to be revealed to us in love. As this  process unfolds, one must keep an open mind to the information they are presented  and discern through "feeling" with their bodies rather than only their Intellectual Minds  as the body truly knows. The body will NEVER lie to you! This is why the importance of  relearning how to "feel" again through the Nervous System to quite literally enlighten  the body once again and regain the ability to truly interact with other beings in this  show and most importantly, to once again hold the light of the highest self! How  beautiful the thought of feeling an angel gently touch your cheek?! How joyous an  occasion to be held by another multidimensional being, regardless the dimension they  resided in?! How bizarre do these things sound to you -or maybe not so strange at all?! These things are coming to us all  very soon.   It had been know ahead of time that this static electric power would lead to the  enlightenment of the people as well as "free" energy systems, and so it was kept from  public knowledge. Not only that, but it was used against us in ways that I will not even  put forth the energy into discussing such tactics. This "Radiant Energy" or static electric  flows are the basis for power in which these "Vimanas" or "UFOs" or Star Ships use to  take flight -not to mention powering their homes on other planets. Many cultures and  civilizations are much more advanced yet, but the point here is that if the truths about  even the Nervous Systems within our own bodies were fully known, the entire global  awareness would be so vastly different than what would be deemed, "controllable" by the global elite powers that  were(notice past tense), that they simply could not risk allowing this knowledge to be publicly known.   The Nervous System center is just one aspect of our full spectrum, multidimensional  nature that makes up our entire Ckakra System. As people begin feeling with their  bodies again -thinking with their bodies again rather than only with their intellectual  thinking minds -truly using the nervous system within their bodies as a tool to  communicate, their entire body will begin to light up once again as a cosmic being. The  more one trusts in the light of their own Highest Self flowing within their beings, the  more light will then come down into the body. This begins by discerning with the body  as a whole; utilizing the intuition coming in through the Crown Gateway, utilizing the  balancing effects through grounding and by feeling the nerves of the body as you fine tune their signals in accordance to  each individual energy center within your body. Thinking and feeling become one and the same through this process and it  takes the entire rainbow of your being to accomplish this, using the full spectrum of the entire physical body, the intuition of  the highest self and the nourishing empowerment of deeply grounding your being.  Images on this page courtesy of www.cosmic-people.com 
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