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Archangel Metatron - A Poetic Call To Arms 
Saturday Mar, 30th 2013 Before I get to my article, I'd like to invite you all to share in this "Poetic Multidimensional Perception" that I had written in discernment of ALL THAT IS..  Right NOW" UPDATE: Take note, this was written March 30th 2013. So much has healed and cleared since this POETIC CALL TO ARMS!!! As this was a reflection of ALL that I discovered was wrong with Heaven! WHEN I DO CROSS THAT BRIDGE, IT WILL BE BECAUSE I DID IT ALL ALONE! AND I WILL BE SHOWING AND I'ILL CONTINUE TO SHINE ...EXAMPLE AFTER EXAMPLE... ...AGAIN AND AGAIN... ...ONE AFTER ANOTHER... NO MATTER WHAT I FIND!   ALL THE WAYS TO HELP HUMANITY TO FEEL ACCEPTED TO FEEL HEARD TO FEEL APPRECIATED AND ENCOURAGED   ALL THE WAYS TO HELP MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE AND EMPOWER AND TO UPLIFT TO BECOME ALL THAT THEY ARE   ALL THE WAYS TO HELP PREPARE ALL HUMANITY ALIKE ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS   TO ASSIST THEM UNCONDITIONALLY, TO CARRY THEM JOYFULLY AND IN CONFIDENCE   TO CATCH THEM FATHERLY WHEN THEY FALL, TO HOLD THEM MOTHERLY WHEN THEY HURT I'LL BE THERE INSTANTLY WHENEVER THEY CALL   TO PICK THEM BACK UP AGAIN AND AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN   AND WHEN THEY'RE ANGRY, I'LL STAND STRONG WITH GENTLE EYES AND WHEN THEY'RE AFRAID, I'LL HOLD THEM GENTLY WITH STRONG ARMS   EVER EMBRACED WITHIN THE COMFORT OF MY WINGS EVER ENCOURAGED AND EMPOWERED TO SING   TO SING THEIR SOUL SONG!   IT'S THEIR FREE WILL TO BE, SO I'LL LET THEM GO, IF THEY EVER ASK, I'LL DETACH EMOTIONALLY WITHOUT EVER SEPARATING IN SPIRIT!   I'LL CHEER THEM EVER ALONG AND ALLOW THEM TO MAKE THEIR MISTAKES, AS MY FORGIVENESS IS AS ETERNAL AS OUR JUDGMENT IS INTERNAL!   I'LL HEAR THEIR EVERY IDEA WITHOUT EVER JUDGING THEIR IDEALS   I'LL SHINE MY LIGHT OF INSPIRATION WITHOUT EVER JUDGING THEIR ASPIRATIONS   AND SO UNTO ALL THOSE POMPOUS OPPRESSORS I'LL SAY TO THEM ALL, IN ALL MY SUCCESSES, "I TOLD YOU SO!" I'LL PROVE JUST HOW ALL THOSE TIMES I HAD ASKED, "WTH?!" WHY ALL MY SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS WERE PASSED, OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN FOREVER ARROGANT WITHOUT END!   PERHAPS THEY'LL SEE MY STRUCTURED SYSTEMS REALLY DO WORK!!!   AND THEY'LL SEE THAT I REALLY JUST MIGHT'VE HAD SOME WISDOM BEYOND THEIR OWN COMPREHENSION AND THEY'LL WONDER HOW MUCH HEARTACHE COULD'VE BEEN AVOIDED IF THEY'D JUST HUMBLED AND LISTENED!   BECAUSE WHAT IS "LOVING ASSISTANCE" WHEN IT IS SO CONDITIONAL OR HELD FOR RANSOM?! IT CERTAINLY IS NOT "LOVING" IT CERTAINLY IS NOT "ASSISTANCE"   RIGHT NOW! ALL I CAN SAY IS, "TIME'S UP!"   BECAUSE HERE I AM, IN MY ENDLESS UNANSWERED PRAYER AND WHAT IS THAT I HEAR? MORE JUDGMENT? MOCKERY AND RIDICULE? AND SNIDE REFLECTIONS?   BECAUSE HERE I AM, SPEAKING FROM THE HEART AND WHAT IS THAT I FEEL? EYES THAT ONLY LOOK TO SEE SEPARATION? RHETORICAL THOUGHTS WITH LOADED QUESTIONS? NO HUMILITY TO CONSIDER MY SUGGESTIONS?   PERHAPS THIS STAGNATION IS BREAD FROM CORRUPTION? WHERE EXISTS A DUALITY WITHIN ALL THAT IS UNITY? YOUR PROMOTION OF CONFLICT IS CAUSE FOR MY CERTAINTY! WHAT ARE THESE GUIDES FOR IF NE'ER EARNED THEIR RIGHT TO BE?   PERHAPS SOME INCARNATIONS AS ANIMALS WOULD CURB YOUR VANITY? THIS ALL-PERVADING ARROGANCE IS CAUSE FOR INSANITY! A VIRUS IN HEAVEN THAT'S NOW A VOID BETWEEN YOU AN ME! ONLY THROUGH TOGETHERNESS WILL YOU NE'ER SEE WHAT I SEE!   MY HEART IS FAR BROKEN, BUT IT'S MY SOUL THAT MUST SHARE I'VE BEEN THROUGH LOSS, ABANDONMENT, LONELINESS AND DESPAIR BUT THIS SICKNESS IN HEAVEN WAS THE HARDEST TO BARE WHEN THE ASCENDED MASSES ARE ASSES, WHO'S LEFT THAT CARES?   WHEN THE TRUTH IN MY HEART DEFEATS THE LIES I'VE BEEN SOLD WHAT ELSE IS THERE LEFT NOW THAN TO BE THAT I AM BOLD I'LL HOLD ONTO FAITH IN MY SACRED HEART AND MIND I'LL GO ON AS I'VE EVER AND SEE WHAT I FIND   I AM ARCHANGEL METATRON   The above Poem I wrote as a 4th Dimensional perception of ALL THAT IS, as I am actively choosing to change this ever-delayed course of stagnation into one in which our Star Brothers & Sisters are physically reuniting with us, once and for all, without any more delays! I AM seeing how WE MUST ALL Truly "BE" ALL THAT WE ARE in order to put a STOP to this nonsense! SO MANY of the Ground Crew have been wondering... SO MANY of my dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light have been asking that question, "Why is it now 2013 and still, even as of yet... Why has disclosure been so far delayed, even beyond 12.21.12?!" Well, my dear Brothers and Sister Angels of Light, many of you are now becoming aware that something is just "off" and just how far gone our local section of the cosmos has come to the brink of absolute "Separation" into "darkness" ,but this IS NOT about promoting FEAR! This is about absolute acceptance of ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT WE ARE! "We cannot ever change the outside world as we perceive it without 1st becoming that which we wish to create from within our own BEINGS." ~ Jacob This Rebellious Corruption has gone on for far too long now and this VIRUS of "Promoting Separation" has spread throughout nearly ALL the Souls of Heaven and within the Ascended Realms. Okay, so I have been arguing.. ongoing now for years, every day and night I spend within meditation... BOTH with my all of guides and with those many Corrupted Souls infiltrating anything and everything they can manipulate themselves into! I have been demanding change! I have been refusing to to accept ALL THIS BEHAVIOR and ALL THESE STAGNATION TACTICS that have been imprinted on down the line from these same Corrupted Souls within the Angelic Hierarchy of Heaven and on through these many Fallen Souls holding their key positions within the Galactic Federation of Light, ALL of which had been following The Domain Grays/The Orion Group for far too long now! This Grand Cabal consisting of the Draconis, the Orion Grays, the Zeta Grays, the Annunaki and the rest of their followers have ALL reached the end of our toleration with their heinous malicious deeds. It seems "Full Disclosure" has just been granted, so I'll be providing a much more accurate look into ABSOLUTE TRUTH here than I had originally anticipated. It has been said that "DUALITY" is a thing of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, but through these past several years, I have researched and worked with certain "healers" and made contact with many other individuals, all of which have been under the advisement of an impostor fallen GOD SON from a Whole other Grand Universe and what I have uncovered as part of a group effort, was an ENTIRE SECOND REBELLION of corruption that bleed into ALL of Heaven and throughout much of the ascended realms, holding key positions in many Grand Councils of the Magisterial Staff. I had been asking our Lord RA IMMANUEL these BIG questions for some time.. "Why do these Angels of the Light speak to and in regards to MYSELF and ALL the Ground Crew with such disdain, always responding with the most snide and pompous remarks whenever I would call them on their actions which were so very clearly directly against DIVINE WILL and THE ALMIGHTY ONE?" Well, in my research in this life, I have long since proven that "DUALITY" absolutely CAN exist within the ascended realms and so my greatest fears of such a thing from years ago has now since recent months reached that point of manifestation. I have endured great pain, sorrow, despair, abandonment and loneliness in this life, but what that has taught me was that true happiness, peace and joy and harmony.. That absolute pure and unconditional love is ALL found 1st from within, and NOT anywhere outside of us. In this proven experience of "BEING" ALL THAT I AM, I have rediscovered ALL THAT IS, but along with that was the most painful thing I had ever experienced; the realization that Heaven was most certainly indeed broken! These past several weeks were of the darkest of my entire life as I had gone nearly two years denying that such a horrifying thing could every happen. Just as I'm sure most all the Angels and the GFL didn't want to accept such a denial of SELF among thee fallen souls. However, this explained so much that I was choosing not to accept within my awareness, simply due to how terrifying such a thing truly IS! By that I mean, so long as all these Fallen/Lost Souls are actively choosing to separate from their Highest (GOD)Selves, well such a thing as a Grand Multidimensional War, was inevitable! And so it is, and so has it been going on over these past few months, an on-going WAR IN HEAVEN, my dear brothers and sisters. Now I want to make this abundantly clear, my dear Brothers and Sisters of Light! This article IS NOT about the promotion of FEAR! I PROMISE YOU ALL! My lovely and beautiful friends, WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR! I hear you! I feel you! I AM WITH YOU ALL! When you all say, "I want answers! Why all these delays!" And these answers, I WILL BE PROVIDING here and within my next articles. For now, I simply wanted to share with you all, that I am no longer choosing to stay hidden! And so no longer will I "BE" ANYTHING OTHER THAN, "I AM THAT I AM!" It all came down to taking ownership beyond just the "knowing" and that I must make that decision to truly "BE" THAT I AM. And so, NO LONGER WILL I HIDE WHO I AM... And so, NO LONGER WILL I HIDE FROM ALL THAT IS! I had written that long poem.. ALL in the process of discerning my thoughts in order to discover/uncover that which I wish to "BE" ...ALL inclusive of my internal experience of "BEING" ALL THAT I AM, but ALSO including my perception of ALL THAT IS which means I must fully accept this travesty of a WAR between SOULS which is far more dangerous than a bunch of 3rd and 4th dimensional beings discerning their way OUT OF DUALITY. It is when "DUALITY" carries over beyond the Rainbow Bridge that we have a serious problem! And that is what truly broke my Heart far beyond anything I've experienced within this lifetime. It was pure Soul pain! But there will not be ANY change so long as there is NOT absolute acceptance of ALL THAT IS. It is time to "climb aboard" in all the sense of those words, quite literally, it is time to BECOME all those things we've been complaining about not occurring! We must instead, BECOME "THAT WHICH WE ARE!" Allow the mission of "BEING" to unfold before YOU ALL! "BEING" IS the mission! My dear brothers and sisters, are you seeing the grander picture here! Do you want to meet your Star Family? -To have them come pick you up? Well then, it is time to fully embrace that which you truly ARE! This means, "BEING" ALL THAT YOU ARE! ..Fully accepting ALL THAT IS, but without conflict and without separation as that "SEPARATION" has been the cause of ALL THAT IS UNPLEASANT IN THIS WORLD! It is time that you no longer HIDE ANYTHING OF WHICH "YOU ARE (ALL)THAT YOU ARE!" You see.. I AM (ALL)THAT I AM, absolutely and completely, without judgment, without conflict and without separation! That means I AM CHOOSING.. Actively choosing, to embrace ALL THAT IS! By "ALL THAT IS" It long overdue time that I introduce myself as the Archangel Metatron, but more than taking ownership for ALL THAT I AM, it is time to fully embrace the actuality of these circumstances I had been observing develop before me over the past several years. So far as specifics about this Great War within the Ascended Realms, I'll back up a bit where many of the Annunaki, the Orion Grays and the Zeta Grays had all manipulated their way into positions within the Galactic Federation of Light. It was on a trial basis, as many had their doubts, but the damage was done long before any of them got there as these thought patters coming from all the billions of separatists have been floating around the ascended realms for a very long time and were all greatly increased once these Dark Ones made their way into the GFL as spies for the DOMAIN. I'd like to point out why we call these beings, "Dark Ones" and it is due to their prying out their God Seed from their Hearts. These beings, especially the Draconis live in absolute darkness as they really do HATE the light. An argument could be made whether or not they even have souls any longer. But their Higher (SOU)Selves are out there, just as their Highest (GOD)Selves are too! And so we call them "Dark Ones" as they have actively chosen to "SEPARATE" and deny ALL THAT IS LIGHT within their beings. These 3rd/4th Dimensional beings do not care about these Higher/Highest aspects of our BEING, but all the while they seem themselves as GODs when by definition, and by FREE WILL choice, they have denied ALL THAT IS(GOD) from that which they are, but allow me to assure you, ALL THAT IS, IS GOD and therefore, so long as they think they can try and "SEPARATE" from that love and light, ALL THAT IS/GOD is still within every aspect of their BEING, regardless their *"HATRED of Humanity!" Allow me to stick a PIN in that for a bit and I'll return to it. Suffice to say, ALL these impostors within the GFL were eventually found out and henceforth ALL banned and booted from their positions! Immediately following their removal form their posts, these same groups formed what is the Anchara Alliance and waged an all out WAR against ALL that is Holy and of Love and Light. This Anchara Alliance is all in support of these Domain Grays from a whole other Grand Universe that had been invading into our own. These Little Grays Aliens are MASTER MANIPULATORS. The highest aspect of their being as I stated is NOT their Highest (GOD)Self and many still argue whether or not they remain connected to their Higher (SOUL)Selves and so as these Highest/Higher aspects of them SELVES are actively denied, they see their absolute SELF as their Mental Conscious Mind and THAT is where they base ALL their worship and base ALL their advancements on; their Magnetic, Mental and Causal Bodies, and from there, they find their way into everything with great resilience as through manipulations, trickery and devious bold-faced lies, directly to millions of souls here within the Ground Crew every single day. And it is due to their own deliberate "Separation" from their own SOUL SELVES and GOD SELVES that makes it so difficult to read their energy when whey really want to create such atrocities as their SOUL SELVES remain hidden and far removed from the exchange of energy.. and so they made their way into the GFL. But let it be KNOWN that these THOUGHT FORMS really truly ARE "Evil" and are as an infectious disease as any virus, so long as one is not actively looking within their own Heart for ABSOLUTE TRUTH and rather trusting every next channel that is pushing so much corrupted truth. So what started all this rebellion? How could such a vast group of Angels and True Beings of Light ever become so corrupted by this Evil Domain?! Well it has been a thorough and carefully considered and premeditated attack on ALL THAT IS HOLY, so when they began talking to these Angels and True Beings of Light, they knew precisely what to say to them to spark an interest. And SOLELY through logic, what they did was point out this sudden Human uprising going on here with Gaia as we are ALL here on our way through Ascension without ever passing through they cycle of death, which severely disrupts the status quo! -Just as I did as Enoch, Ascending into Heaven, becoming the Archangel Metatron. -Just as my dear brother Sven now did back then as Elijah when he Ascended in to Heaven, becoming the Archangel Sandalphon. And most specifically as our Lord Jesus/Sananda, the TRUE ASCENDING SON OF GOD leads they way for US ALL! And they of course added their carefully crafted "Evil Spin" on all that is going on here with Gaia, because now ALL Humanity is following suite?! This all was a great intrusion upon their cozy jobs in which they had all been severely slacking and a great part of all the stagnation here in the Physical Experience. Here are the flaws in their logic: All these Corrupted Souls and Fallen Angels had been in their cozy little positions for so long that they've long since forgotten much of what really truly IS wisdom. You see, "knowledge" and "wisdom" are vastly different things since KNOWLEDGE is based on imprinted information, or perhaps VERY OLD MEMORIES in this case, all the while WISDOM is born from proven experience and that is why these souls have cause for such arrogance. And so it is their inability to accept that HUMANITY REALLY DOES HAVE THIS INFINITE POTENTIAL to truly become MASTER MICHAELS if that is what they are actively choosing. Just as I am doing this now along with a large group of us Ambassadors here now leading the charge towards breaking down all these false teachings and "half and/or partial truths" coming in from a vast array of these impostor entities providing such channels fully intending to create a sense of confusion and stagnation within ALL HUMANITY and the Ground Crew alike! And so now these Angels sitting High and Mighty and claiming "PERFECTION" are all seeing how we Ascending Sons and Daughters will also have every right to compete for those same positions within the Angelic Hierarchy and Magisterial Staff. It has been so very long since any "Angels" have been born since GOD'S PLAN is to create this new system as lead by our dear Lord Sananda and his many hand-picked Ambassadors following suite, and eventually ALL Humanity Alike ALL have these very same opportunities. But you see, so long as these Fallen Angels are claiming "PERFECTION" they STOP EVOLVING! It is the very same as when many of our dear Brothers and Sisters of the Ground Crew decided that "They've arrived" or that "They made it!" I've heard it so many times in so many different ways, but so long as they are choosing to accept "The Now Moment" as their "Destination" it is no different than all those Fallen Angels in that they are actively choosing STAGNATION, because the moment we turn our backs on HUMILITY, we can no longer learn. And without HUMILITY there is also a loss of GRATITUDE and these two things in tandem are key to ever-expanding ALL THAT IS. "Waking Up is not the end of anything. There is ALWAYS another question to ask.. another layer to peel.. another wound to heal.. another note to play.. another song to sing.. another bell to ring.. another seed to plant.. another tree to climb.. another "me" to find.." ~ Jacob "In Humility before ALL THAT IS, we discover ALL THAT WE ARE.. In Gratitude, we begin reflecting this wisdom upon others." ~ Jacob So what is it these Domain Grays were after? They are Galactic Destroyers! They were after our Seed Crystal here within Gaia and once this was found out, that situation was immediately remedied so that these 4th Dimensional Evil Invaders could not ever access this HOLY LIFE GIVING GIFT OF DIVINE WILL! And so Archangel Michael went on down to our Galactic Seed Crystal and tuned it fully to the 5th Dimension in which case disallows there ever being any way shape or form of these evil ones to interact with it -NOT EVER! And due to this, much of the previous timelines will be shifting and accelerating more exponentially than originally intended, but I don't think ANY of us among the Ground Crew, or ALL Humanity whatsoever has any claims for dispute about this, yes?! ;) So what is being done about all this? It has been through all the valiant efforts of the Paa-Tal Warriors Of Light leading the charge and all the other Star Races that had come to arms in response to this upheaval of "evil" encroaching on our Universe and Galaxy and Solar System and our dear Mother Gaia that this Second Rebellion against the Divine Plan and the WILL OF THE ALMIGHTY ONE has now been all but shut down nearly in absolution. Even so, there really IS a long ways to go! So here it is, my point for my Brothers and Sisters of Ground Crew, okay... I like to see ALL these arrests being made, YES INDEED, but so very much more than that, I do not wish to fight any longer! I am done fighting! Fighting ONLY promotes conflict and separation which are the very things we ALL want to erase from this world, and more! "So why was I fighting?!" I asked myself, and so I stopped! Now I've discovered a far greater peace within my own being. Working towards my own evolution and balance and harmony. We can never put an end to all the SEPARATION by fighting the very source that is promoting it! We must come TOGETHER, pure and simple! We must "BE" as ONE, in UNITY as that is what we TRULY ARE at our Highest (GOD)Selves. But before this can happen, we must 1st, all of us, come TOGETHER within our own BEINGS! We cannot create TOGETHERNESS unless we 1st become that which we want to create! Do you get my point here, my lovely and beautiful Brothers and Sisters?! This is the reason we are not together in UNITY! THIS IS THE REASON WE ARE NOT YET WITH OUR STAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS! We must ALL LEARN these things of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! WE MUST ALL learn to let go these emotional attachments and look upon one another from our Higher (SOUL)Selves and Highest (GOD)Selves! We are not with our Star Brothers & Sisters as of yet due to the fact that we have fallen into the rules of those Dark Ones! We are playing directly into all their games of separation and conflict! When you can be at peace with your own self fully and whole-heartedly balanced within your own Sacred Heart & Mind and truly "BE" YOU, only then will DISCLOSURE truly BE! "One must truly know Thyself before one can ever truly know GOD." ~ Jacob So what these poor Misguided, Lost and Dark Souls TRULY NEED is our loving support and NOT for us to fight them! Leave the Battling to those in the ascended realms! OUR JOB as the Ground Crew is to manifest UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! We can support them from a distance as through the energetic and vibrational resonance of unconditional love and support just as a father/mother would when their children choose to hit them or through their toys at them which is essentially what these remaining Domain Grays are doing. What is the greatest gift a parent can do for their children in this situation? Is it to hit them back? Or is it to disarm their attempts at throwing their toys at us and all the same time show an unwavering amount of support/understanding in leading by the example of love and then hold them in our arms?! Let me repeat those two lines of my poem explaining how we must deal with these souls, caught so deeply in a self- created box of illusory FEAR: AND WHEN THEY'RE ANGRY, I'LL STAND STRONG WITH GENTLE EYES AND WHEN THEY'RE SAD, I'LL HOLD THEM GENTLY WITH STRONG ARMS FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE READ ONE OF MY PAST ARTICLES HERE: Saving The Lost Children - Guiding The Lost Souls To The Light Now down to the details! Most ALL the BIG DOGS that have both been instigating and directly causing the most damage have now been arrested. Let me start with Suraya/Surea as he had been among one of the most troublesome souls, at least indirectly as he had been providing through the many vulnerable channels out there so very many Half/Partial Truths among the Ground Crew. And immediately upon his being brought before the ALMIGHTY ONE and being found guilty for such sedition and treason as through a long list of manipulations and deceit towards AND implicating an insurmountable number of souls, both incarnate among the Ground Crew AND among the Angelic Hierarchy consisting of Magisterial Sons and Daughters and other Administrational Staff here within Nebadon, he was then sentenced to 10,000 years incarnate as Human among one of the newly sanctioned 3D worlds in place for the rehabilitation of souls back to the love and light of Divine Will. Suraya/Surea was just the beginning of these many arrests as his being brought before the ALMIGHTY ONE lead to such a great many Fallen Souls under direct manipulation of the Domain Grays. Upon Suraya/Surea's removal, he was promptly replaced by MICHELLE who has indeed been leading the investigation into this entire Second Rebellion within the Ascended Realms and into the Heavenly Worlds. Since her appointment to this position, there has been found so far to date, a Grand Total of 689 MILLION SOULS ARRESTED! That is, 689,000,000 SOULS! So this is no small rebellion at all, my friends! Also implicated, were 1,654 3D/4D Officers within the Galactic Federation of Light, and a total of 98,753 Souls holding high ranking positions of influence throughout our Galaxy such as with the entire Karmic Boards of which have now also been completely replaced. Of these staggering numbers, the vast majority of Souls within this Heavenly Conspiracy have come forward begging forgiveness and have indeed been offered asylum and are now under the protection and unconditional love of Divine Authority. It was decided that in order to hold ANY Heavenly/Magisterial position of influence, those Souls must now have a Living Incarnate Representation as a "Human Thought Adjuster" in order to assure that TRUE WISDOM is backing ALL their very important decisions. This decision has shifted this wide spread problem of arrogance among these high councils which was promoting ONLY stagnation all across the cosmos and will also eliminate ALL possibilities of there ever being another rebellion. Beyond Suraya/Surea's replacement and arrest, has also been captured and arrested several high up pure evil beings such as SATAN who tried personally attacking me in my home, and was brought before THE ALMIGHTY ONE for judgment and received 100,000 years Incarnational Adjustment. Thank you Archangel Michael! Thank you Archangel Luciel for hearing my quiet suggestion! <3 So was also, as I mentioned above THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN BEHIND ALL THIS MESS, INCLUDING INSTIGATING AND/OR HIJACKING BOTH REBELLIONS, was the Fallen GOD SON Metastopheles from this same whole other Grand Universe, but NOT before doing a great deal of damage! Event though this damage is well under repair, those crimes were so terrible that was fully sanctioned by THE ALMIGHTY ONE, the use of the "SWORD OF DAIOMO" in which case this pure Evil Fallen God had been struck down once and for all, erasing ALL THAT WAS HIS PERSONALITY, leaving behind ONLY the purity that is the that GOD SON from the other Grand Universe, of which is indeed is in dissolution at this time, so even though all these Evil Domain Grays are retreating to their original Home Worlds, their time really IS up! And so, all these Dark/Fallen/Lost Souls are becoming fewer and fewer in numbers as the great battle fleets of the Paa-tal Warriors of Light and all their supporting Star Races that came rushing to assist them have followed these Domain Grays even back into their own Grand Universe and are taking it to them on ALL THEIR HOME WORLDS! About Judgment/Forgiveness: ALL these Dark Souls see themselves as GODS, but this is absolutely absurd! These Domain Grays see the MENTAL/CAUSAL/MAGNETIC Body as their HIGHEST ASPECT which is why they are MASTER MANIPULATORS! But ALL THEY CHOOSE TO SEE is their lower FIVE ASPECTS OF THEIR BEING which are: (1)-Physical Body, (2)-Ethereal/Emotional Body, (3)- Light/Astral/Energy Body, (4)-Causal/Thought Body/Sub-Conscious, (5)-Mental/Magnetic Body/Conscious Mind... AND THAT IS AS FAR AS THEY ACCEPT THAT IS THEIR BEING! However, they are actively choosing to SEPARATE from their Higher/Highest TWO Aspects of their BEINGS which are (6)-Higher (SOUL)Self, (7)-Highest (GOD)Self. And by promoting this MAGNETIC FUTURE, they are actively choosing to separate from their OWN SOUL AND SPIRIT OF GOD/ALL THAT IS AND REBEL AGAINST ALL THAT IS HOLY! As I mentioned, many of them have literally pried out their GOD SEED ATOM from their own Hearts, completely denying ALL THAT IS their Higher (SOUL)Selves and Highest (GOD)Selves and ANYTHING to do with "The Light" whatsoever! So as they're arrested and brought before THE ALMIGHTY ONE, is not NOT "GOD" that judges them at all, but HE/SHE/ALL THAT IS that is reflected upon them and is then THEIR VERY OWN HIGHEST (GOD)SELVES THAT JUDGE THEM! And in this irony, I digress now to that *PIN I left above in that it is TRULY THEIR OWN DIRE HATRED FOR HUMANITY THAT MANIFESTED THEIR FATE! Now the importance of this lesson, I share with you all, my dear Brothers and Sisters, is that for one, "You must truly know thySELF before you can truly know GOD." and also, "You must find the HUMILITY to stand before ALL THAT IS with absolute acceptance in order to truly see thySELF" and the significance of these this is so long as you hold ANY SEPARATION or CONFLICT within your Sacred HEART and/or SACRED MIND, you are forcing a wedge between ALL THAT IS -you are actively denying your SELF! And so long as you EVER feel wronged, NO MATTER THE SITUATION -so long as you EVER feel as though you have wronged another, NO MATTER THE SITUATION, "FORGIVENESS" must be given to thySELF and NOT anywhere outside of you. Of course, an honest and genuine apology goes a very long ways towards assisting another in finding forgiveness within their own BEING, but so long as "JUDGMENT" and "FORGIVENESS" is concerned, it is always about thySELF which is why ALL THAT IS, is found from within the Heart. I will soon be writing another article about what I had uncovered in all my own personal research and even though much of this Grand Cabal has been sought out, arrested and forced out of this Grand Universe, there still remains all the "infected" false/partial programmed truths lingering among us that must be allowed time to process and be released, and so I will be providing specific information on precisely WHAT to look out for as far as all the corruption that still goes on so openly and freely. There is great accuracy within this statement, I'm sure we've ALL heard, "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW" and now that the Ascended Realms(Above) are so quickly being cleared out, quite literally now with Godspeed, we can finally begin to see some real changes occurring soon enough here among the Physical Experience(Below). So until I post that information, I'd like to invite you ALL to refresh what I had released previously about creating these changes we're all waiting for, because just as the Ascended Realms reflect upon the Physical, so does the Physical Experience reflect upon ALL THAT IS! Please read the linked article here:  Ascension, Disclosure, First Contact - When You Become ALL THAT YOU ARE!!! "Look upon me and see thyself... feel my love and know thyself... the love and light that YOU ARE, as we are ALL individual expressions of GOD/SPIRIT/RA/ALL THAT IS!" ~ Jacob I DO NOT want to create "A FOLLOWING" which is PRECISELY WHY I had held off from releasing ALL THAT I AM to the public awareness. However, I'm also aware that so long as I remain 'In the dark" I am also refusing to Truly Shine ALL (The Light)THAT I AM upon ALL THAT IS, in which case is directly in conflict with what I wish to Truly embody. And so it is my ultimate goal to empower ALL Humanity alike to Truly "BE" ALL THAT YOU ARE! ONLY THEN can we EVER Truly Change ALL THAT IS!  "Absolute Truth and Abundance are as Free as the Air You Breathe! And ALL That You Seek Really Truly IS Within YOU!" ~ I AM ARCHANGEL METATRON Yet here I am, all the same.. just “Jacob” Living proof that my "Living Meditation" REALLY DOES WORK which is all based on the "Holy Trinity" we ALL embody within our Hearts. ♥ Jacob CLICK HERE FOR FULL DISCLOSURE OF THE INNER PLANES CONTINUED PART 2 Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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