Guided Meditation of Highest Self - A Message To the Ground Crew! FREE - Download The MP3 Audio of this Meditation   Please consider Donating Any Amount! Keep this Sacred Geometry Available to All Humanity! Calling all angels! Do you know how many of Heavens soldiers have incarnated on planet Earth only to fall into self doubt? Yes, there is a call being broadcast for you to come back home --to finish the mission! Yes, that means you! The likelihood of you clicking on this video otherwise is slim --the likelihood of you reading this is otherwise nonexistent. It is time to shed the pollutions of this culture and embrace your true nature. Become an incarnation of the highest self! Rather than focusing on nothingness, or emptiness, why not try focusing with divine intent on your physical and multi-dimensional bodies and then see what happens? See how fast one can begin speaking to the angels --hearing your own personal guides. This is not something that is out of reach, my friends. And with these cosmic energies of the Galactic Alignment coming in at an exponential curve, you too can do this! It only takes intent, and focus, and a love of the body, in absolute acceptance without judgment of all the wonderfulness that you are. Take back your power -take control of your own thoughts with this powerful guided meditation as arranged with the help of the angels! Society constantly tells you to find imperfections on the body and this is what triggers self doubt... a lack of self worth... and leads to self hate, but these are NOT imperfections, they are only qualities and features that makes you an individual --make you you! Start embracing who you are! You are made of love and beauty... Creation does not create ugliness... This only resonates within... through forms of pollution; both in the mind and in the whole of your being. Don't let the culture tell you who are -only YOU can tell you who you are and how wonderful you are. News flash folks... You are divine perfection. Anything in your body other than love and joy and beauty, is only a pollution that you either allow in or were tricked into putting in your body yourself in forms of poisons through food, through media, and through magnetic resonance which is where that hidden form of evil lies constantly telling you to doubt and poison the body... leading to self hate and diseases. So... I am Jacob. I am working as a mentor for the divine plan as guided by the angels and the star people. Please view my previous videos if you haven't yet as these messages all contain a living source of information which will help those choosing to answer the call, to heal and to empower their bodies. These videos, in sequence have a building source of information that you can follow and even revisit later and your personal angels will give you any necessary information and any needed updates within your body. The more often you can vibrate these higher frequencies, the more information you can receive. Love is all powerful, all cleansing... in truly loving the body... self emanating from the Christ heart, one begins to clean and purify the mind and the rest of the body. Good thing you are made entirely of love... right?! 2012 is all about kicking the rest of the garbage out of the body. You must stand up and fight off these forms of pollution. It is a choice to be "of love" and "in love" with constant reaffirmations. In practice, you can eliminate anything that leads to self doubt. And the angels will help keep you pure --IF your intent is always in this direction. All you need to do is ask them to help guide your decisions. Heaven has lots to say.. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR FEAR IN YOUR HEARTS. ONLY LOVE AWAITS YOU. IGNORE THE MEDIA PUSHING AND PROMOTING CONSTANT FEAR. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS WITHIN YOUR OWN BEING. PREPARE FOR LOVE AND JOY AND BEAUTY AS THIS IS ALL THAT IS COMING! CALLING ALL ANGELS! ! ! IT IS A TIME NOW FOR SOLITUDE TO FIND LOVE WITHIN THIS IS THAT HIDDEN GATEWAY BACK TO EVER GREATERNESS TO REACTIVATING YOUR HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BODIES YOUR STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN AND THEN YOU MY DARLING BROTHERS AND SISTERS BECOME AN ANCHOR POINT ALLOWING US TO TOUCH SO MANY MORE! Check out my YouTube Channel DivineWillpower for other informative videos.
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