Guided Meditation of Empowerment - Grounding  to the Mother Goddess FREE - Download the MP3 Audio of this Meditation  Please consider Donating Any Amount! Keep this Sacred Geometry Available to All Humanity! The Lower Root or Black Body is a direct reflection or compliment to the higher centers above where we find the most solid, dense and nurturing aspects of nature within the other side of this spectrum. Activating the Black Body can have incredibly powerful healing effects in the body, such as compressing the density of the matter within your physical body, then allowing higher body focuses to bring down more light into the same space within the Physical Body than otherwise possible before. This is the process of “Grounding” or “Rooting” your body which anchors deeply into the Goddess Ray of Light; that beautifying Black Ray of light that shines within your Lower Root Center, holding the keys to heal the deepest, most physical extensions of our being bringing balance to our truly full spectrum nature as cosmic rainbow beings. It is important to let go of all those misconceptions quite intentionally put in place so long ago to prevent us from looking at those things that would bring us the most empowerment, specifically regarding Black vs White/Darkness vs Light. The Black Goddess Ray is still light. It is just in a different spectrum all together. Ironically, it is the Goddess Ray that most helps to beautify the body. Just as we cannot see those higher frequencies of light without using our inner vision or 1st raising our own vibrations to match them, the Goddess Ray requires rooting down to the beautiful Earth we share in order to attune ourselves to it’s incredibly beautifying attributes. The darker you make the body, the more light you can then fill it with and the brighter their own light will shine. A true cosmic being has this balance within and so shines the brightest as depicted in many of the oldest artwork we have today showing renderings of Auras, Halos, etc.. It is very important to balance your system with the entire rainbow of your being, including both Higher Body and Highest Self focuses as well as including Grounding/Rooting in regular meditations. Without this balance, one only hits a plateau and becomes stuck in this stagnation. Check out my YouTube Channel DivineWillpower for other informative videos.
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