Advanced Meditation of Unity Consciousness - The “New YOU Attunement” FREE - Download the MP3 Audio of this Meditation Please consider Donating Any Amount! Keep this Sacred Geometry Available to All Humanity! Please watch the previous two meditations of this series to update your body, matching the vibrational frequency patterns which are then carried over and included in the structuring process of this advanced meditation. I have personally rendered the images within this video and carefully coded each of them to carry specific frequency patterns to help you unlock and easily work through any emotional barriers that you may have, to love and forgive in absolute acceptance without judgment and as these images flow along with the audio portion of this recording. The coded frequencies however, are more than just the audio and visual portion of this video. They are attached to the magnetic resonance of the entire project as a whole.  I carefully structured this meditation over the period of several months, and then coded those structures and energetically attached the frequency patterns to this video with the assistance of the angels to help you find your “New You Attunement” So ask the angels for assistance often as they are waiting most enthusiastically to assist you.   As we all begin to more regularly include our favorite meditations in your daily routines, I would absolutely recommend starting with grounding, or growing your root system as a base or template for all of your meditations, and then include whatever focus you are intending thereafter within your awareness, in order to receive the greatest updates within the body at any given time. I have proven quite extensively through my own body and evolution that by grounding 1st, you can assure that your body will be able to receive the very maximum updates you may potentially receive during any given time or meditation, especially in these coming weeks and months ahead. The more grounded your body is, the more power and light you can then fill within the body. Of course, I do still urge you to ultimately do what your own nervous system says feels right for you, as well as through your own intuitive guidance; Highest Self/Angels. Only YOU truly know what is best for you. You must listen to your body as she will never lie to you! I do believe I have a lot to offer through my own experience and knowledge of what has been successful for me. I just feel an obligation to make that distinction whenever I offer my advice as I’m not beyond admitting what I’ve had the most success with doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the fastest road for others. I am only offering the best tools and techniques I can to the world, completely free, in love and gratitude to each of you that are aspiring to better your own lives, and so then through each of our own evolution, we also begin healing the planet as an ever-evolving collective consciousness, all together manifesting the New Earth Sun. Check out my YouTube Channel DivineWillpower for other informative videos.
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