FREE Energy Healing! Encoded Animated Meditation Images For Chakra Activations: Please Consider Sharing a Voluntary Exchange of Energy! I have been studying and working with encoded audios, videos and images for many lifetimes and have reached a deep understanding of how the process is achieved as well as developed a strong belief that all such energetically encoded materials should be free. So I have decided to to create a series of encoded meditation images to help activate specific regions of the body and I will be offering them all for FREE here. Just because something is FREE, doesn’t necessarily suggest it has no value! On the contrary, it is my humble nature and level of mastery that I have reached the comprehension that such things should never have a price put on them. We are moving in to an age where we are being encouraged to shine our light unto each other and/or to, “Put our soul into it!” This is the process of encoding all forms of art, symbols, logos, etc.. Not only do I intend to offer as many new free encoded materials as I have the time to create them, but I also intend to empower others so that they understand just how to complete this process on their own. Click Below For Beautiful & Powerful FREE Encoded Animated Healing Images!! FREE Rainbow Heart Alignment Tool!  Activate the Threefold Flame within the Sacred Heart Center and help transmute all unwanted emotions to love! FREE Crown Gateway Activation Tool!  Open the Crown and feel the Rainbow Waterfall of Life flowing ALL THAT YOU ARE manifest into your body!
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