Frequently Asked Questions - Insights of Mastery Hello, my lovely and beautiful friends, here you will find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions I’m asked through my FREE email support. I speak through my Higher Self as well as offer insights from the many Guides, Guardians and Angels that I sometimes opt to recognize in order to help answer their questions, which is essentially “Spirit” as we are all one in unity. Unconditional Love - Acceptance and Non-Judgment: Awwh yes, one of the toughest lessons to learn. We can plant seeds, we can shine our light and be that example of greatness that we know we are, but we cannot "tell" anyone anything if they are not already asking. We can only "answer" their questions. That is the way it works, but this world is so set on forcing others to agree with their reality so it is full of conflict and wars. That is why there are wars. You see, when you expect another person to change to your understanding, you are judging them in a way so that is not truly unconditional love, is it? The answer to all your questions is to simply BE who you are, so become the master that you are meant to and to ultimately ascend. You must put YOU 1st and then BE a light-bearer for all the rest. That is the true mission of the light worker. However, yes you can create websites and paint billboards, but that does not force anyone to change who they are. It only plants seeds of love in them. Planting seeds is not about anything other than BEING YOU, the Angel that you ARE! In love and adoration, Jacob Ask and It Shall Be Given - Ask Is Cause For The Expansion Of The Cosmos! Hello, my brothers and sisters, your own intuition will always provide you with that most accurate truth. Yes, of course it is most important to ask your own self through your own heart 1st and to trust in this beyond that of any other source, but it is still okay to ask for help. We are moving into a time where all our brothers and sisters will be equally overjoyed to assist one another at the drop of a hat, but nobody likes to be "told" anything. That is why it is important to ask, because that opens the door for that energetic exchange of Spirit, providing all the answers you seek through an overwhelming love of Spirit that flows within each of us. The more you ask your own higher self, the more you begin to channel Spirit, yet the more you ask others for assistance, the more Spirit flows through those that choose to answer your call. So you see, you do everyone a great service by asking for assistance as each and every time you do, you are expanding the cosmos with the love and light of Spirit/Source/Creator/God. It is only those feelings of unworthiness that holds you back from ALL THAT YOU ARE. ASK ASK ASK! -AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN! Jacob What Is My Mission? So many ask, How am I to do and to be and to know my mission? Let me reassure you that you ARE DOING the mission now! Your actions and intent ARE THE BEING of your mission. They ARE YOU! -YOUR BEING! Just as all time happens all at once, all unfolds at once, the inner KNOWING of ones soul is in that NOW MOMENT and in following this KNOWING in your heart, your mission unfolds before you! YOU ARE LIVING YOUR MISSION RIGHT NOW! Your deliberate intent unfolds the future manifestation and expansion of all the cosmos. The purity of your intent within you is your KNOWING of your mission. I know that is vague, but it IS TRUTH! -THE ONE DIVINE TRUTH! Of which is far beyond our linear, singular and forward comprehension of the movement of time as of now. But we are beginning to unfold these grander concepts as we trust in our own hearts intuition and expand ALL THAT WE ARE from within. Jacob How Do I Know If I Am On The Right Path? Your mission unfolds for you according to the divine blueprint. We are here to learn. Right now, THAT IS THE MISSION. Recovering/uncovering/remembering ALL THAT WE ARE is the mission. Our focus, even though we have the greatest desire and aspirations to assist others, is to each ourSELVES in our own awakening. So long as we each awaken and open up those portals within and throughout our own individual bodies, we are living according to "God's plan" So my point here is... "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." Do you understand? If we are here to learn through joy, or some prefer to learn through pain, but nonetheless, we are ALL here to learn, doesn't it make sense that we only uncover our knowing in precise divine timing? You see, if we knew ahead of time, those lessons we must learn, would we truly learn those lessons? Rest assured that YOU ARE living your mission, so long as you are following your heart. And in doing so, you will uncover and recall ALL THAT YOU ARE. All in the process of your own self mastery, you will become the greatest servant to all of humanity alike, especially yourselves! Jacob How Do I Channel? - Providing Accurate Truth To Friends & Family: Trusting in your own intuition only takes practice, but you would be surprised as to how much you are truly channeling your Higher Selves. When you speak from the heart, you ARE speaking from the soul. When you speak your own truth with the highest good of ALL THAT IS, you ARE speaking from your Higher Selves! This IS channeling Spirt, dear hearts! Whenever you sing, whenever you dance, whenever you are BEING creative, you are painting a picture, encoded with the Light and Sonic vibrations of Spirit for the enlightenment and joy of all to see -you ARE embodying the very soul/angel that YOU ARE! In short, so long as you have the purest intent while you speak with only an agenda for the betterment of all humanity and an expansion of the cosmos through love and joy, well then you WILL BE channeling Spirit! BE YOU! It really IS that simple. Just because you are not speaking a prepared article to be delivered through a channel unto humanity, doesn't suggest that you do not already have all that wisdom within you at all times. Trust in YOU. YOU ARE that wisdom! It is always there, okay. So now that you are aware of this, you can practice this with deliberate intent and BE YOU, always, evermore.. an individual representation of Prime Creator/Spirt/Source/God. Jacob 12.21.12 Why Have I Not Ascended? Yes, well that is an excellent question and fair indeed. So, let me ask you, dear heart, ARE YOU in the same old body? Please take a moment and ask this from within your heart, ask your Higher Self and you will surely be filled with a breakthrough of understanding and wisdom. Ascension is not a magical place or time in which we pass through. 12.21.12 marks a "place" in linear "time" in which the energies in our solar system are now fully into the Age of Aquarius. These energies will allow for an accelerated journey for all those initiates holding their Deliberate Intent and Divine Willpower towards returning fully back to Spirit in living form, eventually transcending those lower vibrational frequency patterns of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, moving beyond duality and fully grounding one's self into the 5th dimension here on Gaia. Ascension is an individual and personal experience that is vastly different for each and every single individual. Do not fear, you are loved, you are looked after and you will succeed exactly as intended by THE ALMIGHTY ONE and precisely when your higher self has determined for you. Do not worry, you will not miss out on anything, dear one. You are currently living your mission and you are well on track with your individual ascension. Have Faith in addition to your hope and watch as your love for all that you are and all that is manifests into everything you have been dreaming for. All in due "time" as the eventual ascension into the 5th dimension will be of an expanded awareness, that of which ALL time is experienced at once. Through the Mastery of your own Heart/Mind, you will soon move forward, backward and even sideways through time. So do not rush, as in the grand scheme of things, dear heart, you ARE already there! Congratulations! Stay your Deliberate Intent and your Divine Willpower and continue to ask the Angels and your Guides for assistance and your individual linear pathway will lead you exactly and precisely where and when you desire. love and adoration for all that you do and all that you are! ♥ Jacob Why Are Life’s Lessons So Painful? With GRACE and HUMILITY, we eliminate pain and suffering, starting from within and in turn, we transmute the learning process into that of a joyous experience! And in these moments, GRATITUDE is the most beautiful gift you may bestow upon YOUrSELF! Turn this emotional abundance inward until you are GRACIOUSLY overflowing and then gift the remainder of this energy to those around your immediate circle of encouragement as that is the TRUE meaning of SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE! And it is our obligation to share this Wisdom/Knowing/Spirit/Source/God as we receive it -As we become it! That IS TRUTH! -Ever-abundant, all-pervading and absolutely FREE from within and throughout! Each lesson learned is a breakthrough into a deeper understanding and comprehension of ALL THAT YOU ARE -YOUr Divine SELF. And with each breakthrough, calls within you a discovery of a brilliant set of light/sonic rays that YOU chose to ALLOW within YOUrSELF. These light/sonic rays shine upon dormant light packets within your brain and so unlocked new and vital keys to knowing ALL THAT YOU ARE and ALL THAT IS. Continue now on your journey inward unto discovering ALL THAT IS. May you be blessed with the blissful peace of knowing YOUrSELF evermore and exponentially so as the Creator, God IS within YOU! ♥ Jacob  
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