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Living With Intent - Magnetic Resonance Radiant Healing of Humanity
Monday Jan, 14th 2013 I don't want to make a difference. I want to make ALL the difference. We have this power within us! The "TRUTH" is that no matter what is said here and now or what those prophecies of the past predicted way back when. The "TRUTH" is that WE CREATE WHAT WE ARE RIGHT NOW! -We create precisely what we choose to match our vibrations to(PERIOD). I’d like to speak to what I feel resonating in many the hearts of Humanity as of right now, whether this is coming in from channels, or the same old fear-mongering media system.  Not once have I felt that there would be a nuclear bomb exploding on this planet again -I have not felt this for years now. I also see that from the higher ascended perspectives, "Truth" is just as simple as explaining ALL the facts, but those in the ascended planes sometimes don't remember how easy it is to suggest a thought process to those of us Beings still maintaining within a duality in just how those simple suggestions might grow, regardless how enlightened or how hateful we might be. I think that there will not be ANY WAR! I think that there are indeed very few out there that are full of hatred, but there are also the vast majority(over 98% I feel in my heart) that will stand up and demand peace. Just as it was done in Egypt recently, or wherever that was? Sorry, I don't follow the political media fear-mongering crap at all. I simply follow the hearts of humanity, because I feel them ALL! So I think that we must BE the future we wish to live, now! "BE the future we wish to live, now!" If you can understand how ALL TIME unfolds at once, that linear time may indeed occur, but it is also just a "play" and that TIME is in TRUTH simply an expansion of ALL THAT IS, well then you are understanding the "I AM Presence" or the "Now Moment" that so many speak about. I took this further and created a focused "Living Meditation" but that is besides the point. The point is that "NOW"..."I AM" choosing to live in a world in which there are no wars, nor have there been any new wars igniting, nor will there be any wars stirring here on this planet. THAT, my friends is my "Living Meditation" beyond time, okay. It is encoded into my BEING and flows in waves unto all that I interact with as I breathe these seeds into their hearts in every moment. And my living meditation is limited in power, only by my own doubts. And my doubts are non-existent! It is in my KNOWING that I can add any FEELING in addition to what I'm already currently BEING and this will bring forth the very manifestation I wish to carry through. That is the expansion of ALL THAT IS that I am actively choosing to manifest as through my Divine Willpower and my Deliberate Intent. My "Living Meditation" IS a specific tool to deliberately harness your own power as an expansion of the cosmos.  We can read and discuss and watch and observe and share, but ultimately, we are ONLY responsible for what thoughts and emotions we choose to carry into our vibratory frequencies, because that is what creates, NOT that one person said this or another person said that. It is a matter of fact that we must BE true to SPIRIT and true to our SOUL and in doing so, it does not carry anyone else's words or beliefs, but our own. And as we begin to resonate this way of BEING, whether it is the "Now Moment" the "I AM Presence" or my "Living Meditation" we are creating the ever-expanding cosmos, lighting the way for many others to see how its done. And just like dominoes, ALL of Humanity will fall in Grace and Humility before their own Hearts, igniting the Divine Trinity within them and allow them to stand as Creators and Masters in their own right, once and for all, empowered individuals co-creating ALL THAT IS, together, ALL AS ONE! There was a Recent Channel From Sananda that came around the 26th Dec, requesting that we hold the hearts of humanity in our awareness. I don't remember the suggested meditation precisely, but I had naturally created my own version out of it in which I bring in all the love and light in abundance and gratitude into my heart and then let it overflow into the hearts of ALL Humanity -to hold the intent - to envision perhaps their Threefold Flame blazing brightly within their Sacred Hearts. The point is that I have been continuing this ever since whenever I feel compelled to fill a void somewhere here on the surface of Gaia. Such as right now, the Middle East, or Iran needs a hand in solidifying their time line into THE ONE in which there is no war -into THE ONE in which there is peace in the hearts of ALL Humanity alike. Perhaps, if I might suggest that you do not see this area of population as two divided factions, but rather as ONE grand bunch of Individuals.  By this, I mean to suggest that we do not set our focus of this meditation in that they "DO NOT FIGHT A WAR"  but rather that we set our focus of this meditation, simply that they "HARBOR PEACE INDIVIDUALLY" We must take war completely OUT of the equation! We do this naturally regardless of our awareness in doing so, so why not be deliberate about your Magnetic Resonance between all the rest of Humanity? I suggest it this way, because when a heart is at peace within one's own being, this heart only wishes for peace in the hearts of others as well. There is a difference between saying, “I will not fight you” and saying “I am at peace within myself, with you and with ALL THAT IS.”  You can begin implementing your “Living Meditation” structuring it however you see fit for the greatest good of ALL THAT IS, as guided by your Higher Self. You can actively meditate while making your grocery list, while going through the check out counter at the grocery store and while eating lunch... there is no limit to the infinite power of your Sacred Mind while in balance with the Sacred Heart. Please read about my “Living Meditation” and discover these specifically structured tools I have created in order to both maximize my own personal evolution as I return to Spirit within the ascended planes as well as to assist and empower others as through the Magnetic Resonance of my Vibrational Frequencies. “Living Meditation” Short Version “Living Meditation” Detailed Version ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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