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Saving The Lost Children - Guiding The Lost Souls To The Light
     Tuesday Jan, 29th 2013 Most understand that the cabal had united in alliance against the light; the Annunaki, the Zetta Grays and the Orion Grays are all allying in support of the Draconians in support of their insane notion of having laid claim to this planet and all the souls that occupy her. This type of thinking, claiming ownership over other beings, is completely insane and is so disconnect from Divine Will of Creator and that is what started the term, "lost souls." But they are NOT lost -Not any longer! I have been fighting in a campaign to send these Dark Souls our compassion as they truly need this from us now more than ever! We are their lighthouses, or way-showers and we must lead them back to God/Source. This is our duty as children of God. We do this by shining absolute loving compassion towards and around them. It is up to us as individual expressions of prime creator that we must surround these lost or dark souls with our Unconditional Love as through our hearts, filling ourselves up with an overflowing abundance of Creator Light and then gifting the remainder to all those surrounding us, being those Dark Ones as it may be. You see, they are asking for our assistance as through their Higher Selves -they are in fact crying out desperately to bring them back to the light. Even if they would argue against this statement, it is absolutely true as this is the true nature and purpose of duality; separating from Source, Spirit and/or ALL THAT IS in order to learn the greatest lessons of Incarnate Living such as the value of BEING in the Unconditional Love of Creator Light. As disconnected from their own souls and from Spirit that they may be, they are so very deep within duality that their only remaining process of actions are guided by their deep hatred of humanity, but it is through their own duality itself that is programmed and designed to ultimately return them back to the very source they are fighting against -US! They have two options here; one is to return to us, accepting our invitations to defect back to the Light as they join along side us in the ascension process, or they have the options to continue to fight us all the way, ultimately choosing death in which they will be forced to reincarnate as Humans on another 3D world until they learn the value of ALL LIFE, including the Humans they hate so much! Either way, they are all returning to the light. They can choose the hard way or the easy way. These poor souls, even when attacking us for what they have forgotten -for what they do not understand, have a great and arduous journey back to source and IF/WHEN they choose to come back to source, they will face the greatest pains they have ever known. These pains come from being forced to face themselves, seeing ALL THAT THEY ARE and to forgive all the atrocities they have done, all the manipulations and all the tormenting! However, they will never make this choice if we, the ground crew continue "fighting" them. If we Warriors of the Light continue to BE of the light, even in adversity of their extreme hatred towards us, we begin to plant seeds within them. And then they wonder, "How can these Light-Barring souls continue to shine love and kindness and unconditional love towards me, when I am only sending them hatred?" They begin to ponder, "Well, there must be something quite wonderful about this thing called LOVE that I have long since forgotten..." Even though I do not condone their actions and their choice to rebel so long ago, I do love them just as Creator does. And it is through us incarnate Warriors of Light here on the Ground Crew that had the wisdom and the foresight never to stray from the love and warmth of creator's unconditional love and support that Divine Will in turn leading a path back to Source/God for these lost dark souls. However, we can do this as through the energetic and vibrational frequencies of unconditional love and support just as a father/mother would do for their children when they choose to hit them or throw their toys at them. What is the greatest gift a parent can do for their children in this situation? Is it to hit them back? Is it to create a fear-based system that forces them back into line -to fear their parents? OR, is it a greater gift to disarm those attempts at throwing their toys at us and all the same time show an unwavering amount of support and understanding to them through leading by example and offering them open arms of unconditional love?! You see, it is up to us to be parents to these Dark Ones simply because that is exactly what we truly are, their parents and their big brothers and sisters! It IS the will of the ALMIGHTY ONE that Gaia ascend! Just as it is our Mother/Father God's WILL that ALL SOULS return to the light. That is the natural process of Duality -it is the journey that we must all take to learn and to grow and to become Master Creators in our own right. Now isn't that the most blatantly ironic example of how we attract those lessons we need to learn?! However long as we create a false sense of separation between others and ourselves, we are judging them which is most certainly NOT unconditional love! So long as we retain those emotional attachments to any old programmed beliefs within ourselves, those falsehoods will be reflected back upon us more and more intensely until the very thing(s) we are hating/judging literally become us! At one point or another, we must learn to love and accept ALL THAT IS, my lovely and beautiful friends. Now that it is 2013, the frequencies of this local section of the cosmos are locked in and the timeline is set so that ALL SOULS here will ascend, or they will be relocated to other 3D worlds where they can continue their unlearned lessons in duality. There is no longer any more room for sitting on the fence and no longer any tolerance for their continuing efforts in causing such problems in the world. There is a great purge going on at this time as our Star Brothers and Star Sisters are rounding up those Dark Ones making mass arrests of these 4D beings. Any remaining Draconians and their followers here on the planet will be arrested and given the opportunity to come willingly back to the light or to otherwise reincarnate as Humans and be forced to descend back into other designated 3D worlds. So as our Star Brothers and Star Sisters clear the way for us here localy in the 4th dimension, we will soon be free from those manipulations, torments, bullying and whispers coming from these misguided souls. Now is the time that they need our love and compassion welcoming them with open arms back into the light now more than ever. I myself do not mind that there are scaly/batty Draconians and other such beings around, so long as they are holding and welcoming love into their hearts. These beings are truly shaking in their boots at the moment. They are so far separated from source that they have forgotten just how welcoming and full of love it truly is. Let us hold them in our hearts, easing their conflicts and judgments from within. And if they so choose to continue fighting us until the end, we will have planted such seeds of kindness, allowing and acceptance that they've long since forgotten existed. Feel free to refresh seeding those loving thoughts within you, by reading my initial thoughts here on this topic, "Oh I So Love You Dark Souls of the Cabal."  ♥ Jacob Mentor/Ambassador Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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