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Turning Prayer Into Action! - Gifting Our Children With Truth!
Thursday Jan, 31st 2013 “I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.” ~Winnie-the-Pooh Hello my friends, I posted that quote on Facebook a while ago.. Pretty interesting how much less corrupted everything was several decades ago. Before these great big corporations, there were once so many smaller companies back then, where insights such as that quote were allowed to pass through those evil filters which are in place especially around our children's "television programming" right now. It is so rare to hear such a spiritually empowering thing in any format of children's programming any longer. All I ever see are infinite examples of families in which the parents consider their children as delinquents and the children under mind and interact blatantly disrespectful to their parents. These are things I really want to see changing as soon as possible in this world. Soon as those evil corporations are restructured -Or better yet, broken up into their original small local groups before the many hostile takeovers of the millions of subsidiary companies and corporations were bought out by the cabal, then giving the power back to those millions of local small groups all across the globe, all who will have the same equal opportunities to be able to create a small voice to be heard across the entire cosmos, once again planting those seeds into our beloved children once again. I wish to see those corporations deconstructed immediately! I wish to see our children empowered once again by the material placed before them, but also through encouragement to look within for their highest light rather than being oppressed into a robot state. I have this dream! I dream that parents will raise their children in the excitement and anticipation of what wisdom will be coming from those freshly incarnate souls. Our Children must be seen as "Our Teachers" once again! This point must be made known in all culture's schooling system and carried into the hearts of ALL Humanity with the greatest diligence! You see, along with so very many others, the way I was raised was being told I was a worthless "piece of shit" never to succeed in life as I couldn't possibly know anything that my parents didn't privilege me to know since they after all, were my creators, NOT God?! This type of oppression and abuse is all across the entire globe and must be thwarted! What if, children were recognized as individual expressions of God, each one carrying a voice of Divine Wisdom to assist and carry the world into another level of spiritual growth? What if the parental obligations of parenthood were instead to inquire their the children for advice in the deepest, most important decisions of their families and their communities as a whole? What better way to change the world into one of abundance and expansion into our True Spiritual Nature than to change our very perceptions of children all together? We must see them being our teachers and rather than presuming we know what is best for them and what they need to learn, ask them instead what it is that interests them. Each child comes baring new gifts to add to the family, to the community, to the world and to all the cosmos. And there is not a single better way to create abundance and an expansion of the cosmos than of simply “Asking” questions. That is why children ask, “Why?” so often when they’re very young. They truly know the value in Asking. If only we held the same value in this. We must encourage and inspire them to discover and create from their own living source -a source we all share as through Spirit and then share with them what the difficulties we face are in our societies, ultimately asking for their insights and ideas on how to create solutions. We each and every one of us come to shine a specific frequency of light and sound, a note, or a tune, or to sing our song if you will. And part of what makes music so beautiful is the collaboration with multiple instruments, is it not? We must take it upon ourselves to detach from any sense or claim of ownership over our children. Our role as parents, aunts, uncles, elders, etc.. is simply to keep them safe from danger, to nourish them, to nurture them and of course to fill them with an abundance of unconditional love and allowing. We’re their guides as much as they are ours, but we must see them as the Masters they are, allowing them to learn in their own way and to pursue their greatest desires and aspirations. They deserve our encouragement in all that they do. We must ask them how we can help them achieve and accomplish their mission, to sing their song and to create their world. They know who they are when they’re born. They know what they came here to do. We must trust in them as the wisdom contained within our young children is as close to God as it gets. We must refrain from forcing them to conform to the laws and regulations of the old world and especially from placing them into our preconceived attachments to what we believe is best for them. This is the unconditional love and support that has been far removed from Humanity through generations of manipulations and programming. We the Ground Crew, have known there’s a better way to do things all along and now that it is 2013, there is no longer any need to research such things. In every way possible, we must begin living in the new world –Being the change. For the love of the children –for the love of ALL Humanity, it is time to reclaim the natural order of Divine Living back to this world. Let this begin with us, and then reflecting upon all the children of the world, we can plant those seeds of spiritual unity such as with quotes like the one I mention here. And just how quickly then, we could transform our ascending world in a single generation... .. . ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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