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Heart & Mind Coefficiency of Our Sacred Geometry:  E=MC2   M=CE2
Monday, January 4th 2016 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends. It is a combination of mind and heart that holds us together as people, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, or in any other race, creed or system of beliefs. No matter what or whomever may attempt to force any division between who we are is only creating a test of who we are as as individuals and as people. We need to stay true to both, heart and mind so that our true soul nature never leaves us in truth and in love. In short, if you ever hear someone tell you that another is wrong it is closer to truth that it is their self who they are questioning in that moment. In a return to innocence, we allow our inner selves to become our best teacher. Such as I believe our children are our teachers and any teacher who may be in colflict to that phylosophy I hope realizes the wall they are walking into. I pray that they find a door in that wall so that they remember to question their own mastery. We have two hearts and two minds that open us to look within and beyond the Veil of Secrecy. One of which is pair of physical and worldly wholeness that we feel our way through and the other pair is a spiritual expression of everything we are outside of what we understand physically. It is so important that we never lose sight of our spiritual selves just as it is so important that we never spiral too far from ourselves in vanity, but to heal and return to the innocence that we are in truth. These are very difficult times as we cross the Rainbow in self judgment, healing our path walked in pride, yet holding on to the innocence of who we are always and NOW. This retains our youth and exuberance in integrity. We are being tested to manifest that quality of growth which returns us to our true Divine Nature. I AM, NOW! The Heart and Mind Coefficient of ALL THAT I AM:  E=MC2 M=CE2 M=ce2 Our (M)ass/Matter equals the (C)oefficiency or speed of which we exist, whether sitting in stillness or as (E}nergy in motion, times two or squared. E=mc2 Our (E)nergy or Hearts carries or equals the summation of ourselves (M)aterially or in thought moving at the C(Speed of Light), whether in stillness of our soul, or in motion, times two(hearts). I'm sure many of you have heard the term "Christ Heart" from many sources. In my many articles, I have also expressed this as our Higher Heart. I would like include this drawing/sketch my dear brother Da Vinci drew of Archangel Michael back when I was off painting a ceiling. May those many images stand strong in truth and rest in the eyes of many if at least spiritually in remembrance of who we are in each our own ascending mastery of (E)motional acceptance or "selflessness" in the now. I AM, NOW! So many people receive a premonition, psychic intuition within or from another and in fear or love that reception either becomes warning to overcome as fear or/and to embrace the love we already are within. We actively choose to become a summation of our fears in love, or to manifest that which is greater than who we are which is who we are becoming. So I urge you to begin to know thyselves so that we manifest that Christ Heart and Mind within us and begin an expression in true love, or Love in Truth. Is it Love and Hatred that are in opposition of one another, or isn’t hatred only a manifestation of what we are fearful of within us as Love in Truth, or that which we are afraid to express as Love? If in hatred, it is truly ourselves that we are hating. Who are you, NOW?! Life is an ever greater expression or test of whomever we choose to become. "Do I succumb or do I overcome into ascending mastery?" Are you living in fear or is it love are you manifesting, NOW? My dear brothers and sisters, we all hold a mastery within us as gifted to you within our seed crystal, just as Mother Gaia is that seed crystal to Divine Father. It is so very important to allow all everyone we interact with to speak their heart(s) and mind(s) and to very carefully pick and choose what is relayed to us so that we receive a blueprint of our own best interests in mind and to then allow that blueprint through our mind to then fill our hearts with our angelic DNA so that we can manifest our highest light and then express those intentions wholeheartedly within our own personal soul songs to others, or if even for our own empowerment. Of course we have all been opened up to that veil of secrecy consciously to bridge the gap into our subconsce, but I am appealing to your both your hearts and minds now that you hold to the truth that your are and let that receive both your hearts now. We are all beginning to cross a rainbow in which we live in judgment of who we are. This judgment is of oneself and only oneself and I pleading to you both that you utilize the true nature of who you are both in heart and in mind. Please let go of whatever doesn't feel true to you that you may have heard or received from others and to allow your inner truth to set your hearts free, because it is not one or the other that saves us from those of malintent in mind or malevolence of heart. This doesn't mean we spiral out of worldly wholeness of heart. This doesn't mean we push away all that we choose to open our minds to. Without our hearts and minds, we lose whatever we are or have sought out to be as individuals and as a people. We are all Christ(s) my dear brothers and Sisters. In becoming that which was taught by so many of our past teachers such as Yeshua and many others. And so it is, whether aware of this or not, we have all been healing our entire angelic histories through our greatest incarnations ever of which account for the many trying times we’ve had as individuals. Through our own inner self reflection, we are healing all that we are. Some of us actually took upon us those fallen brothers and sisters we hold so dear to us as our higher selves so that no one is left behind when it is all done with. I can tell you now that there has been a recent shift towards healing all that we are as children of Divine Mother and Father and in this expression of GOD, we will carry this Viture of Grace with us and so it will be that Mother Gaia will shift in Grace as well. There have been many visions given to our prophets as warnings in hopes that we choose to rise as one in truth as that new blueprints seeds our hearts true love. I ask that you stay in your own truth, both in heart and mind and remain in judgment, not of me or anyone else, but in true judgment of your inner self as he/she risides within you. And if it is still too difficult, then please set it aside without throwing it away and it will still be there when you are ready to continue walking the rainbow. In this walking the rainbow, we are creating and becoming our very own wisdom and compassion that Divine Mother & Father have always wished for us all to return to both our highest love and light. I believe that Gaia, or Mother Nature is part of every one of us. And more than just that, she exists in what we know or have been lead to believe in who we are, both gifting us all as individuals and as sisters and brothers, or fathers and mothers. I believe that Grandmother Willow is always whispering and as we then allow Grandfather Time and our true nature to sing the true soul song we are. With my arms wide open we are all whispered that call to allow us all to become greater than change alone and to paint our wisdom in compassion with all colors of the wind. Dear brothers and sisters, as we walk across the great void on the Rainbow Bridge of Divinity, please remember that it is only in self judgment that we can truly become and understand "selflessness" and to let go of greed of wealth or knowledge and to live and let our wisdom endure. It is in "selflessness" that our true passion grows stronger rather than in rage of misunderstanding or in lust of the cocoon surrounding us. Even though some of us remain in greed, lust or anger, it is simply through that pain and suffering that we begin to gain true heartfelt wisdom so that we can understand who we are in love and truth. And with wings wide open, we find and become more than ourselves have ever remembered angelically. It is in this self reflection and/or judgement of ourselves as we continue to walk the rainbow in “selflessness" that we truly find oneself and our soulsong becomes more than a temporal blueprint but a very important note in a composition, and even more than a composition, but a symphony, or together all as we are as one playing our Rainbow Heart Cords in vast and ever expansive grand orchestra. We are becoming more than greed of wealth or knowledge, even if lost or forgotten we are beginning to manifest a true luxuriance of wisdom. We are more than the anger or rage that fills us, even if we're lead astray from "selflessness" we still remain very passionate. We are never soulless entities; we are a summation of our journey. And we can only paint the sky with all the colors of the wind. And so it is, or if so does a Butterfly flap its wings, then what becomes of that energy? What becomes of what we leave behind; is it a trail of tears… a hurricane? What manifests through that whirlwind as our wings lift us up with our hard work… I choose to paint the sky with every color I AM. There is a grand difference between fear and love my friends; one rises, one falls. And dear hearts, let us never cross a bridge in lust as it is our true passion of our experiences in discovery of all things… or our very motivation, will and even our Divine Intention of love expressed within truth that sets us all free. Blessings of Love in Truth  Jacob See one of my favorite expressions of passion here: Paint With All the Colors of the Wind: The Voice - Mother Gaia's Call To One & All: Let Me Lie On Grasses Green - Heal Me Through Mother - Her & I Are One: Here Beside Me - Divine Mother is Calling To You All: Prayer For Your Druid Beads; © Mother Father, please hear my prayer... your light Father... your creation Mother and my workings all together... May each one of us find love in truth. "May true love fill your wings with all the colors of the wind."  Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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