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String Theory of Sacred Geometry Residing In & Of Our Mother Gaia’s Creation
Wednesday, 7th 2016 Waking Up is not the end of anything. There is ALWAYS another question to ask.. another layer to peel.. another wound to heal.. another note to play.. another song to sing.. another bell to ring.. another seed to plant.. another tree to climb.. another "me" to find.. “What are we, if not individual seeds: a God Seed within all of our hearts as we each unfold throughout the space she carries us. And our imagination is the Sacred Geometry that unfolds in time. ~ Thank you Mother!” ♥ Jacob In truth there is only one timeline that is unfolding; one and only one. And whether we split apart in different directions or not, we are always one, held together by our higher selves. And each and every one of those strands are as a shredded piece of string, but in truth those fibers are threads of one string and of one spool of yarn. With the string theory of time, truth only winds together as one within the space that we choose to hold for that time in our hearts, or by choice in separation from the love we carry for one another as brethren and so by choice, so expressed in compassion of the heart. However, in the discernment of heart and mind as one, see the focus of your thoughts as single strand of a string or as many thoughts and the string woven into a spool of yarn. Each thread is of ONE fabric of time as a whole. And if you think of us all as an ever-greater circumference rather than an indifference of shredded pieces of thoughts, that spool or ball of yarn is a circumaural expression of One in Unity. Sometimes we scatter in thoughts as people into the darkness to process things, but it matters not how far we get knotted up. There is an ever-expanding “blueprint” seeding our thought center as our pineal gland is the very acorn seed of our higher light and hearts. It is up to us to use both heart and mind as one. No matter how far our thoughts take us, our Higher Selves hold us together. And each and every thought settles in due time through the incarnations of our Higher Hearts. It was once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." ~ Albert Einstein In an aspiration to create something beautiful I once said, "If you can imagine it, it already exists." ~ Jacob what are our thoughts other than an extension of our hearts reaching back out to the star seeds that we are? "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein So what IS the "illusion"? Most of us are 12th Dimensional Star Elves reincarnating many times over to gain wisdom. We all fell over time as depicted in many many "ancient works of art" and even destroyed the firmament on our way down which is described as "the waters above" in the bible.  And in the time of Noah, "they sky fell" or so we can say we broke the firmament. And in doing so we broke the connection between Divine Mother and Divine Father. Since falling beneath the firmament, the astral layers of Hell have been opened to Heaven above. In the coming shift of our creation, Mother Gaia will open up her poles to the new equator and visa versa, her polar ice will melt and the inner truth of Divine Mother will be revealed to us. Such as in the healing of our MerKaBa, an equivalent within our Sacred Geometry are two pyramids coming together. One pyramid is grounded to the Earth as the God Seed Anchor, or the "Goddess Heart" as it points up to the Heavens. The other pyramid, turned downward, enlightens us with our new blueprint as it is a constant shining light, always changing through us as our inspiration. And as these two pyramids set within our Sacred Geometry, both as our MerKaBa and as well as throughout the many circumaural geometric expressions of our creation, that downward enlightenment of Divine Father and the upward/outward love of Mother Gaia reaches back out to him as a realignment of Father and Mother GOD which is otherwise cohesively known as Love & Light or Space & Time. It is our role here to make this shift within us as our MerKaBa is one with the Sacred Geometry of Mother Gaia and we will manifest a tropical paradise, returning a true and abundant fruition to some of our most sacred lands to the eden they once were. We fell into love as man, not truly aware of what and how powerful love truly is.. We fell into lust and found anger which derives from fear and breeds hatred. Now we Rise in Love as ONE, picking up the pieces on the way, utilizing the tools of wisdom that pain, suffering and heartache brought us and expressing more positive emotions on our journey across the rainbow bridge and into our divinity. Rather than thinking in terms of hatred which is a denial of our truth of self. Rather than thinking in term of anger, we will think in terms of passion and as our fires burn red, we will create and process those emotion in a healthy without allowing our blood to boil over. We will know emotions in truth, as we begin to speak to ourselves in this truth, we will become much greater listeners. Rather than being yellow in the belly, we will understand a true empowerment as the full spectrum rainbow beings we truly are meant to glow as golden processors of equality, tranquility harmony and balance. Rather than thinking in terms of jealousy, we will learn to understand and become green with envy which shows our brothers and sisters we are ready to receive them. Rather than blurting out with lower range of emotional processing and to understand that cyan blue means to us; much more about a need to speak and share our thoughts inspired from truth and in aspirations of kindness in gifting one another rather than blocking them out. We will begin speaking in wisdom with is the color of ascension as we begin to master our 3rd and 4th dimensional awareness. We will no longer be so blue and reserved, but bold and gentle rather than interjecting the moment we hear something new. We will allow those sparks of wisdom to manifest as inspirations from ONE voice, light, or "blue print" and to understand truth in love and how to aspire to rise above any obstacles in tenderheartedness blessed with compassion, shared among sisters and brethren, one and all, none greater, nor lesser. The "illusion" is the incarnation we rise within, above and beyond, yet hold the anchor of the Mother Goddess Ray as she has endured fractures in true steadfastedness and patience and her call is always there as part of us waiting to renew so that she can carry us in truth of love to higher vibrations which opens us up to the many worlds, set apart only relative to speed of (E)motiononal processes, or Energy in Motion. And those process of (E)Motion is the light of GOD living within us, as us, ever-expanding in truth of love as we return in our journey to that source and only in absolute truth of ONE sight, mind, heart and voice.. We are all GOD's children and that very expression of. Part of my mission, in aligning Love In Truth between my Higher Self and my Twin Star, is a reflection of us that we gift in every moment back to humanity in the true virtue of charity that we are, both of us bring two worlds together as one. From both sides now, I know love  as our fire burns so brightly, my Twin Flame and I, reuniting in due time. In our own ever brighter gift of charity, we will always be there to help in “Aligning the Stars” or our Higher Selves who are among the Star Elves as each Twin Star helps in that graceful shift through us all as each of our Star Selves hereafter incarnate that diamond seed from source.  "May the Inspirations of Divine Father seed us a return in Aspirations of Divine Mother as our creation, Mother Gaia is the very Seed Crystal of Divine Father just as we carry small piece of that original spark or seed within our hearts."  Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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