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Where Is True Love? It Is Synchronized Within Our Sacred Geometry/MerKaBa!
Where is True Love? It is Our Divine Willpower Mission! ~ Friday July, 12th 2015 Hello dear Sisters and Brothers, isn't it True Love that we are all seeking? The complexities of True Love is hidden within our Sacred Geometry which can be simplified by knowing oneself and in absolute truth and in acceptance of our angelic selves, or Twin Star. He or She will bring your best compatible Twin Flame to you in Divine Timing. The beauty and perfect expression of your MerKaBa can be created in Living Meditation and maintained in Living Prayer. We all have the capacity to maintain this mental acuity in the duality of both ones conscious temporal thought as well as ones subconscious angelic and/or spiritual wisdom. The Vesica Pisces witch aligns us horizontally by holding the Rose Flame of Love along side the Cosmic Blue Flame of Wisdom as each side of our Solar Heart Center manifests the Trinity of the Golden Flame; True Love in absolution. No matter in which direction horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the MerKaBa channels our light and energy always pointing towards an energetic trinity of sorts; either Wisdom & Love as mentioned split horizontally, the Masculine & Feminine Energies Diaganally or the Living Mother & Father GOD channeling light and energy vertically, in every aspect it is a manifestation of Absolute Truth in Love Incarnate or the Christ self within. In every way there is a Trinitized Expression of Christ within the MerKaBa pointed down as the Knowing Light of the Father poring in through the Crown Angelically and Christ-Enlightening the Golden Flame Horizontally, as well as the MerKaBa directed up from the Earth Soul Star Center carrying the Energies of the Living Mother bringing us back into togetherness vertically, and of course whether our Masculinity and Femininity is exchanged diagonally from either side, both downwards and upwards at a slant via the Medulla Oblongata/Ascension Soul Star Center, the very manifestation of Christ is even birthed within from the three Horizontal, Vertical and Horizontal Christ-Enlightenments as a whole. The Holy Trinity is found everywhere! There is a Diagonal concentration of Masculine Energies that are channeled from the left side of the brain and cross at the Medulla Oblongata(The Ascension Center) and fill the right side of the body. This Masculine energy is the Blue Flame. Equally so, Feminine Energies flow from the Right side of the brain and cross the Medulla Oblongata into the left side of the body. This Feminine energy is the Rose Flame. The Vertical alignment of our MerKaBa is gifted by the Living Mother; Gaia’s gift of creation to us all to live within her along with the All-Knowing Father. The Earth Soul Star, in darkness we feel through and process that which flows within us like a rainbow waterfall down through the Crown Gateway allowing the Causal Soul Star, Mental Body and our Angelic Wisdom also received via our Cosmic Soul Star Center above the head. Yes, the Earth Soul Star is Black, yet it is still a Soul Star Center of Light. Dear hearts, please do not fear darkness. Instead, let “darkness” be an analogy for clearing our (E)Motional expression of the Fathers Light within our Ethereal Body. That is after all what Energy In Motion is. It is our truest feelings even containing our cosmic and angelic memory that are projected upwards from the base of our MerKaBa and activates in a synergy of concentrated energy and light at the Medulla Oblongata like the top 3rd of a pyramid before focally centering at the Cosmic Soul Star. Equally so, the ability to process those feelings we are energetically in constant motion of, are a gift of purity by the Light of Mother/Father GOD Knowing our Feelings Etherically in a process of Emotional clearing. Be Thoughtful of Love in Truth as the center of our totality of Being as full spectrum, multidimensional expressions of Mother/Father is the Solar Heart Center. This is the center of our MerKaBa as our infinite power expands like a centrifuge, spiraling outward, yet held within by the Gravity of the Wisdom and accountability of knowing ones self Love and Truth. Remember that we have two egos, both are manifest within by the Cosmic Soul Star and the Causal Soul Star. The Cosmic Soul Star Center sets above the head the same distance that our Earth Soul Star Center is beneath our feet relatively to how tall we are individually. The Cosmic Soul Star Center is also the focal point of our base MerKaBa projection resting directly at the Root Soul Star varying relative to the same distance approximately from the Earth Star that the Ascension Soul Star is from the Cosmic Soul Star. The Causal Soul Star Center however rests just upon the Crown Gateway of our head and is our Mental Star Center and the shared astral thought expression of our Higher/Angelic Selves. The Earth Soul Star center is the focal point of what is our full spectrum equivalent to the veil of secrecy projected downward from the Ascension Soul Star MerKaBa projection is from the top of the head. Dear Hearts, please stop saying "Chakra" as it means "Cage" This old "chakra system" was created as a prison system to trap you here in the temporal or 3rd dimensional awareness. Consider thinking of your energy centers rather as stars. The Soul Star System was created to set you free within, reflecting throughout an infinitely expansive energy system. It is our Sacred Geometry. The Medulla Oblongata , or “Ascension Star” is very important to our awakening to our Spiritual(Angelic Self) and Ethereal(God Self) bodies. It is one of 5 additional Soul Star Centers. I do not even mention the 4 others Soul Star Centers at this time in our true multidimensional Soul Star System. Ones acceptance of self is our responsibility as Light workers. Activating your MerKaBa with the Holy Trinity is part of this obligation. Please note however, your own personal Living Meditation and/or Prayer is of course always your own perfect way to do this. I am only humbly offering my expression as your brother along with the insights I have worked through over the years from “all the light that we are” to provide a proven and tested Soul Star System. This is available in www.divinewillpower.com and it is a work in progress as some information is withheld until Humanity as whole is ready for new information. It was decided to do this due to the current healing of Mother Gaia’s Firmament of which protects that veil of secrecy. In this way, our empowerment is received individually in divine timing from our highest light and all the light that we are as we each and everyone become ready. Isn’t it best to reach down and lift up those struggling behind? We are light workers, all of us sisters and brothers. Truly what my mission is here is to realign the Temporal Knowledge of Religion within the Spiritual Wisdom of our Angelic Selves. Much of “God’s Honest Truth” was hidden and encoded energetically by Nephi as our Magnetic Framework within the brass plates. What is Knowledge without Wisdom? How did the fall of Humanity ever happen; did we perhaps Fall in Love? There is a separation of TRUTH that exists in skepticism of religion as well as with the egoism of spiritualism. If perhaps that was received in controversy, does that not prove the point of separation humanity is not growing back into togetherness as the veil of secrecy is opened back up gradually through our Archangels? We need to 1st create a foundation of Faith so that Love can now finally Rise in Truth. Truly this is only self acceptance Humanity is struggling with as a whole. Whether in Love and Truth or Pain and Strife, our conflicts are both within and as a whole, One Mind, One Heart struggling to know Truth in One Sight. Either Love and Acceptance or War and Conflict, "Truth Grows" within us as magnetic and vibrational wisdom through the passing time we all fill cohesively as humanity incarnate as individual expressions of GOD. Truth Grows, Wisdom Knows and Love Heals all within the Holy Trinity MerKaBa of acceptance right now, not momentarily, however always. Am I Religious? Am I Spiritual? I AM... enlightening. It is a process. In Loving Gratitude, Blessings to one and all. Let Hope and Charity restore Grace to us all ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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