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Follow your “Feelings” to find your “Knowing” and “BE” ALL THAT YOU ARE!
Tuesday Jul, 24th 2012 I have been meaning to write about the difference between Emotions and Feelings -between Thoughts and Knowing for a very long time. It is time that this process of returning to our "feeling" and "knowing" is made clear for all to see. In my previous blog, I wrote about Truth and Awareness and How to Get There  which discusses the difference between an illusory truth and the one divine truth, and of course how to find it. This blog is about what your emotions mean and how to use them as the tools they are in finding that one divine truth -becoming a fully incarnate cosmic being. All emotions are "good" emotions. It is that simple. Our emotions come from our more subtle lower bodies as part of our physical incarnate representation of "being" an expression of that higher aspect of ourselves. This Ethereal part of us constantly provides us with these signals to help us discern what we are truly "feeling" from our Higher Selves or our Soul, as through "being" an individual expression of prime creator. It is only when we choose not to listen to those emotions as the signals they are that we manifest these "negative" experiences. Each emotion is a signal to let us know that there is a lesson to learn. Some lessons are simple clarification. Others can leave us stuck in a repetitive cycle of stagnation in which we loop the very same emotions over and over. It is only until we can look beyond our emotions and to our "feelings" that we can then discern what our Higher Selves are showing us within our illusory physical experience.   Whenever we experience emotions, it is important to always go to our hearts -to find that "Feeling" within the Higher Self/Soul and then to discern from within the heart and Source will provide you with all the answers you seek. This is how you find your "Knowing" -that one divine truth beyond the physical experience -that one divine truth that never changes -that one divine truth that we all share as one. To explain my statement, "All emotions are good" let me start with anger. Anger is only a massive influx of energy that does not have any direction or outlet to dissipate. As we go to your Sacred Heart Center as explained, one can find the real "Feeling" behind this emotion and then realize the "Knowing" of just what to say and how to act in kindness. This is the true nature and purpose of anger. With these steps, one can use that building energy for that of unconditional love. Fear is the other really big one. Fear, by its real definition is that which we do not understand. When experiencing uncertainties, concern, stress, unworthiness, etc… the habitual response is to put up our armor. This reaction only separates us further from that one source of all truth and love and unity with all. With a self-imposed barrier around the Heart, one can never reach that "Knowing" Understandably, it can be extremely difficult to finally let this false sense of security fall away from our physical illusory state of duality when it is all we have known for so ever long. This seems to be the final step in the awakening process, or achieving mastery. Beyond those programmed habitual responses, the real natural response is to surrender to the fear and again, go to the Sacred Heart Center accepting this emotion as part of you to ultimately transmute all these uncomfortable emotions to that of unconditional love. It is in the faith that all that which we do not yet understand will be provided for us through the law of attraction in that "Feeling/Knowing" we all so desire. It is the final step and essential ingredient in clearing out those remaining programs keeping us stuck in the duality of the matrix.   The conscious mind can think and create the most incredible things. However, our physical mind is just that; the "Free Will" aspect of our outer, most distant representation of this "knowing" as through the individual expressions of prime creator that we are. This illusory physical experience brings us further from source than we are comfortable, but the real magic of "being" physically incarnate is just that; our "free will" to either choose to separate completely, or to bravely surrender to the unconditional "Knowing" love of source found within the heart. This Unity Consciousness we experience as through the bridging between sub-conscious and conscious is the other half of the equation to returning home -returning to the unconditional love of Prime Creator/Source Energy, or our shared "knowing" that makes us all one. As we continuing bridging these gaps more and more often and diligently between Thinking and Knowing, between Emotions and Feelings, we must never lose ourselves. It is only the doubts, the fears, the concerns, etc coming from our conscious thoughts and our incarnate emotions that separate us from that Source Energy/Prime Creator/God. It is within us all to choose to both maintain this bridge between our incarnate illusory expression and our "Feeling/Knowing" as felt and known through the Heart, as well as to continue on "Being" that representation of our "Free Will" selves. The difference between "Good and Evil" or "Positive and Negative" is all in our "Free Will" choices and ability to transmute those thoughts and emotions to that of the unconditional love which comes from the inner most aspects of our multidimensional nature. It is within us to stay humble in this process of becoming masters in our own right, and to retain this ability to learn from our students. We are all "Children of God" so to speak -all of us, teachers -all of us, students. In Unity, we are all one, but it is only in surrendering to the unconditional love of Source that we earn our wings and truly find freedom within. When we can live from this place of "Feeling" -from this place of "Knowing" -it is only then that we can truly LIVE freely in that unconditional love of "Being" a fully incarnate individual and multidimensional expression of that very source. BE in YOU(r knowing) -BE in YOU(r feelings) and realize that I AM THAT I AM presence. ..love Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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