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Let Us Rise In Love ~ One Sight, One Thought, One Voice, One God ~ One Love, One Truth
Thursday Jul, 9th 2015 Dear sisters and brothers, I wanted to refresh a renewed perspective on one of my old videos. Please let the significance of the rising sun I personally recorded via digital video to reflect our role as humanity to no longer "Fall In Love" as we must now Rise as ONE GOD once again from whence we fell so long ago as humanity as individuals, learning through sin and in those mistakes we made, we can now carry along with us lessons learned in divinity. It is our obligation to rise as one god, setting aside separatism and embracing togetherness. And we are doing so by RISING IN LOVE. Praise be to All That We Are K(now)ing LOVE IN TRUTH. How many out there are looking for "True Love"? This is how it is done my dear sisters and brothers. I have been waiting a great long time now to share this side of me and I wanted to go ahead and share this part of my life with you now. I send this out to you with the warmest intentions and most heartfelt wishes. May this video I created for humanity serve as a shining star that lives and births within you all ever greater each day you are in praise of our Almighty Father as it is he that praises us all as we live his expression of life if so in every intention of his divine and wise nature, always flowing through each and every one of us. That is the Glory of God; our living expression! Let us praise all that is through these words in this short expression of him. I have spend the last ten years of my life living and learning through the most arduous way I could ever imagine, but in doing so, I have been a reflection of humility towards all my brethren; sisters and brothers alike. I share this with you now, because I am nearly to the state of clearing away this burden I am burning away from me, or so more precisely, allowing them to fall away from me. I AM, and I WILL continue to release these shackles yet clasped into my gentle nature. When I try to speak to these fools that it is time to move on from me, that I have offered all the wisdom I can bestow to them, their answer is yet still only for their own best interests, if not simply to mock and ridicule any gift of kindness I may ever have or continue to offer them. However, I cannot let them go without knowing this burden they force upon me may then NEVER after do any detriment to any other. In fact, they have offered to take this out of me and put this test/trial/hell outside of our own galaxy and I still refuse to put this on ANY other, because for one, I will not live with the karma of putting something so awful onto another. Plus I KNOW that with the nurturing of you all, my dear sisters and brothers, we can love them all away from us. So if they are not ready to look upon themselves, perhaps not even in a mirror, then I will stand strong and be that mirror, in humility with open arms. And it will be the light of mine own eyes that they'll see their wrong doings. And in that self judgment, they will either choose to face the highest light that exists within their own eyes, or turn back and wait 'till the next cycle. An eternal cycle of approximately 3700 years is a long time to wait to cross that abyss. It is one thing to be forgiven by GOD, but to forgive one's self, that is the lesson beyond the sin; turning one towards wisdom from mischief. Let no harm fall upon another. I am asked to put this aside as fast as possible by our Divine Father, but I can only let them go by their own power, will and desire to trust in their own future circumstances. In other words, they are learning to trust my gentle nature and know that the arrogance they receive from me is only the very reflection they shun me away and poke and prod me. Either way, it is not me. They live in fear from me and others, hiding behind corners doing torturous and tormenting things to the brightest of us, but I still shine in the light of divine will, as I have shone and I will illuminate all that is with my presence here; upon all that choose to sit with me, to stand hand and hand with me, to speak with me, to look in a shared sight of ONE GOD ALMIGHTY, this TRUTH we will share UNITY and eternal gratitude for the future and newly birthing millennium/eternity. In every world I have visited in this life , in every home I am received by the many gentle natured families ever with such hospitality, I am received and have been equally so received as your brother, Jacob. I can only simply gift that charity that my Twin Flame shares such a fire that burns for the coming Golden Age, our shared virtue toward all that we are as ONE GOD, heart, mind, and voice; absolute truth. I am not "greater" than any other, nor am I any "lesser" I simply AM right now, as I have always been and always will be... Loving, Love Me  ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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