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What is “Thymus Tapping” Really All About?
Saturday June, 2nd 2012 Perhaps our bodies are actually a perfectly designed musical instrument... what happens when you pick up a guitar or violin and hit it? It hardly makes a beautiful sound, does it?!   The Thymus Gland, the Unity Heart, the Christ Heart, the center of compassion where you love in absolute acceptance without judgement all that you are, all that flows in others, all that is... Such a beautiful thing! I have been wishing to talk about this for a long time, but there was a certain point where I just don't think people were willing to welcome changes in their practices, so please take this as information that I have found through my own experiences of self discovery within my own body as I never do anything without 1st completely discerning through my own body. I would certainly never suggest something that I have not already proven to complete satisfaction within my own body and I urge you to listen to your own body and make your own discoveries for yourselves before taking my word for anything. However, and to the specific point of writing this is that I am wishing for people to begin going to their own inner guidance before jumping onto some fad that says, "Hey, start hitting yourself!" hehe Your body will never lie to you, my lovely and beautiful friends. Let me explain further...   So many are speaking of this "Thymus Tapping" but what is this doing, really? Let me start by suggesting that each and every one of your energy centers are tuned to a certain frequency at any given moment, even beyond those primary Chakras. So, does this suggest the possibility of an instrument? Perhaps our bodies are actually a perfectly designed musical instrument that we can then "tune" in order to play our own individual song -shine our own individual light onto the world? I can already feel so many saying, "But I can really feel something inside me being activated as I tap on my chest!" even as I'm writing this which has been the very reason I have yet to do so, but times are changing, my friends! Yay!!! :) Everyone, each and every person is becoming more receptive as this 1st year of the next cycle of creation is beginning to build in power -beginning to tune the frequencies of this New Earth Sun, and this makes it much more difficult for the cabal to pull one over on any of us at this point. I will definitely agree that when someone taps on their Thymus Gland, that it is indeed doing something quite violently in fact, but think for a moment, what happens when you pick up a guitar or violin and hit the strings? It hardly makes a beautiful sound, does it?! hehe       Here's the truly beautiful part, for each and every one of you going about your days hitting yourselves in the excitement that you are feeling "something" ...well this is quite wonderful news! This means you can then try my suggestion instead, and focus directly on your Thymus Gland, feeling it very intensely as a meditation practice, and then see what happens. This process takes a little longer, but it will also allow you to begin playing that song all of Heaven has been waiting for you to start singing the song of YOU! Sure, you can go around hitting yourself and that will make a noise too, but what vibration will that be other than chaos, really? What does it sound like when you bang on any instrument? It takes time to compose any work of art, especially the SYMPHONY OF YOUr soul, but he/she is just waiting to fill the world with your love and shining light; your song of compassion. If you are sensitive enough to feel something by hitting yourself, you should be sensitive enough to activate the thymus gland through proper meditation focus. ;) Please try this my friends for yourselves before discounting it. And perhaps the most beautiful thing to learn here is that one can always trust their own bodies to tell them what is genuinely good for them. ;) If any of you are stuck, not very comfortable with meditations, or unsure where to even begin, I welcome you to check out my Guided Meditation of Highest Self. This meditation is actually centered around the Thymus Gland and I do believe many of you will find this technique to be quite awe inspiring as to your very own light beginning to emerge and to truly shine! It is actually coded to help you more easily vibrationally match the frequency patterns of the meditation just by tuning into the video and especially magnified when asking for assistance! :) Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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