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Reclaiming Your Power - BEcoming A Cosmic BEing!
 Thursday Jun, 7th 2012 The power of your mind is infinite! The value of your body is so precious and special to all of creation as an individual self expression of Prime Creator -YOUr own Soul or Highest Self. And while physically incarnate here and now, you have the ability to participate in and contribute your own individual ray of light unto creation at the grandest scale. Your value as this individual is unmeasurable. You are multidimensional and eternal being; an intricate piece of this show that makes up everything in creation. You are irreplaceable! With this knowledge, you can see the importance of owning YOUr thoughts as they directly dictate our feelings, and so these feelings only bring us more of the same. Just as our thoughts come from our Thought Body and our emotions come from our Emotional Body, the light of our soul manifests 1st through our Thought Body and then through our Emotional Body/Light Body and filters down to manifest YOUr 3rd dimension reality. As you begin monitoring your emotions, you will then immediately feel the necessity to truly be the owner of YOUr thoughts. You will then begin feeling how silly the thought of watching television is at all, because if it doesn’t make you feel anything other than love and joy and beauty, why on Earth would you watch it? They are called “Television Programs” for a reason; their sole purpose is to emotionally program you to feel a certain way. Without taking ownership of who we are and what we think, our thoughts can become quite easily manipulated by very few. The very few who decide what is broadcast on television, what is taught in schools, what food is sold, what chemicals are put in the food, air, soil, etc, etc, etc... The modern world is full of distractions, such as television and other gadgets. And when you are distracted, you are not thinking YOUR thoughts. Therefore you are not feeling YOUrself -Not shining YOUr own light. We all want love and joy and beauty in our lives. To feel these things -to own these things as part of our being, one must truly master self. If you want freedom, you must take ownership of YOUr thoughts and in doing so, you will master YOUr feelings. In absolute acceptance without judgment of ALL THAT YOU ARE, we become free to feel in joy again -free to love. And steer the direction of your own destiny towards ever greaterness by means of your highest self wisdom, or Divine Willpower. Each and every person has this incredible power that wants to come down into their being. And this process begins by feeling your way through life again -feeling every part of the rainbow that makes you so wonderful, from Grounding into the deepest roots you can penetrate below up to feeling the light of the highest self. As we move into this new cycle of creation, we will be able to manifest our desires instantly. This is a power that we already have, but the cycle in which the manifestation process plays out for us now is much slower. I urge you to begin asking yourself, "What is the origin of this thought I am thinking at this very instant?" I urge you to begin asking yourself, "Why am I feeling this emotion at this very moment?" I urge you to begin doing this on a regular basis. It is time to take responsibility of YOUrself. And as each and every one of us begins to own their own thoughts, we then begin to shine each and every one of our truly special individual light onto this world and that, my lovely and beautiful friends is the gift that you are -It is the gift that you chose to bring to this world -It is the gift that will not only heal Gaia, but the very special gift that will bring in all the changes we are crying out for to manifestation. It is time to believe in the power of each of us! BE the change! BE YOU! Think YOUr thoughts and you will begin feeling YOUr soul power manifest in ways that will astonish you! Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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