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Hold Onto Divinity
Wednesday June, 4th 2014 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends, I wanted to remind everyone the importance of always holding onto our “Awareness” or our “Divinity” while waking up the sub-conscious mind. While crossing that bridge of consciousness, there are many blocks and obstacles there along the way, as so many know, but what happens when we rely solely on our metal acuity alone, or those intentions there within each our own incarnate beings without embracing that which is our Highest Divine Intentions? Well, for one, we may perhaps disregard the very essence of LOVE that prevails there within our Spiritual Hearts. There is mental programming that we receive nearly everywhere and we must take great care in staying clear and filtering out such obstacles that can block, program and or lead us astray from that which we never intend to be anything but ourselves, each and every one of us an individual expression of GOD. There is technology ever growing as humanity continues pushing on to understand the science of spirituality. There is such a determination into the technological advancements that come with expanding our consciousness and I urge you all, my brothers and sisters to stay ever so vigilant in your aspirations to expand the consciousness so that we can also embrace a higher understanding of the Spiritual Heart and we will then become more open and loving, unconditionally and infinitely so by the grace of GOD. There are such dangers in this technology, my dear brothers and sisters; while healing and other advancements are coming available, I want to urge everyone to remember that we have these gifts there within us already. It is through our hearts that allows us to truly heal miraculously as we stay in the highest intentions and living prayer while on the other side of the spectrum, being grounded in nature such as with the importance to love, to nurture, to protect and to nourish Mother Gaia. We are “nature” after all, so we need to truly begin loving ourselves, loving one another and loving Mother Gaia. While awakening the sub-conscious mind, I urge you all to do so in purity so that we do not get caught up in any unwanted programming of the conscious/subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, or the magnetic/causal expression of our Spiritual Heart is what carries us into our Higher Awareness. What is our “Awareness” and what is the difference between that and our “Divinity”? Let’s just say that if we are in our KNOWING of GOD’S LIGHT and holding that GRACE there within our true FEELING hearts, we then carry our Divinity of Awareness and that brings us INFINITE LOVE; unconditional. <3 <3 <3 LOVE & LIGHT; GRACE & FAITH Please accept this blessing affirmation: “In every moment I rest my body, may God grace me with an awakening of my sub-conscious awareness to the energetic expression of my spiritual heart” ~ Jacob ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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