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Building A New World That Lasts?
Sunday Mar, 16th 2014 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends. I’d like to talk about a gathering of races going on at this time; some of which may even be insistent on testing their “might” over another race, but what if… There might just be another way. I speak of the 3rd option so very often which is about LOVE over and above “Fight of Flight” –In other words, to open a hand in courtesy rather than shaking your fist, or poking your fingers to invoke anger in others. We must all stay in Love, so we do not fall into that anger. Anger comes in many immoral behavioral characteristics such as lust, jealousy and rage, all of which come from broken paranoia and a judgemental and vindictive nature. Perhaps its important to fight at certain times, such as if you’re under attack, or perhaps there is a need to protect a loved one in a situation of an on-going attack, but what if.. What if we could stop these attacks from happening before they ever occur?  This is what I mean about the 3rd  option, but we must remain vigilant in our chivalrous attempts into harnessing the Divine masculine from within and protecting those who are not able to protect themselves. We must be nurturing to those who haven’t had that protection by embracing them with the nurturing of the Divine Feminine. This allows us to embrace our wholeness as a being once more; our joy and love from within ourselves and share that throughout all others. This gathering of races is delicate because they all come from so far away. Even so, we are all relatives, distant as it may be and so many of them are returning after so long to get reacquainted with us, to help us and others to test us in ways we may or may not be ready to understand. We need to stay in our divine love and love all souls alike, releasing our fears so that we can all find our place in this overflowing of souls. Let’s talk about building a new world and/or building a new you, because we each must 1st recreate ourselves as within, so throughout before we can build a new world. We do this with deliberate intention, our Highest Intentions, or Divine Intent. Everyone knows how to build something new; it starts with a foundation, does it not? But what if those who are building a new world are building only from their mental framework alone, be it faulty and/or corrupted. Please forgive me my fellow brothers and sisters as I do not wish to step on toes. Others may be building a new world from their hearts and soul and this is a great way to create things of beauty and wonder, such as some of the most amazing structures in modern times, but I want to try to explain the importance of building from the ground up with Divine Intentions. I’ve been saying for some time that one must find themselves before they can find their highest light and intent. By 1st embracing the true nature of oneself, we can understand our incarnate being and in working our way back up through our mental acuity and into our Spiritual Hearts or Soul Nature, we can rediscover those highest intentions and then experience this here sharing and expressing our new found Divine Intentions from the top down implementing these into our plans of a new future, “I don’t want to tell people how to build something. I wish for all souls to sing their soul song in the very best way they know how, but are we “Knowing that path of Walking” or are we “Walking that path of Knowing”. In one way, we may stumble into arrogance and in the latter, we have the intentions to put forth into a divine blueprint in which such wonders and marvels can last in peace and harmony. Teaching is done from the top down, whereas learning is done from the ground up. We are all Masters and Students alike. The greatest Student are those who “Walk that path of Learning” in grace and humility. The greatest Teachers are those who “Walk the path of Knowing” yet always learning, as a Master is always a Student. And that path we walk is our “WISDOM” so whether we are teaching on that path, or learning on that path, let us walk together, my brothers and sisters.” ~ Jacob I do not wish to take part in any spiritual, religious and or racial wars. I am an ambassador of peace and wish to share these simple words of hope to those who aren’t so certain about these times. There is always hope for humanity and all souls alike and amongst these confusing times in which so much has gone unanswered, I ask that we all stay in togetherness before falling from love and into anger. I ask that we all stay in our highest intentions and find ourselves. In acceptance and tolerance of all others, we can retain those Divine Intentions and create new foundations for that beautiful and marvelous future.. aren’t we all dreaming of? <3 Jacob ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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