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Light of Karma - A Healing Blessing of Life
 Wednesday Mar, 5th 2014 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends, Do we burn karma? In a way, I suppose. We are the air that we breathe; the “breath of life”. We are the water that illuminates our light. We are the fire that burns within our Heart and Soul. Our Heart and Soul is one of Infinite Love, so long as we stay in our Unconditional Love, but when we fall out of loving energies, our fire burns in anger, lust and/or jealousy. We can still, of course burn our fire in a healthy manner such as for the love of another and in opening ones arms in a gentle loving embrace is one of the very best ways to “burn karma” –Let us all share a hug once in a while! <3 With every breath of fresh air, we breathe in life every day. Let the highest light come into your being as a living meditation with the highest intentions towards oneself and to all others alike and we cleanse our Karma. Especially in the nervous system, the water that flows through us potentially carries our brightest light. There’s so much we can do to enlighten our being by participating in the highest light we can carry. Let us all embrace the light of GOD, carry those highest intentions of Mother/Father and gift that upon all others. We’re made up of 2/3rd water. This is approximately the same ratio of water that Mother Gaia has of water within her. Does that share a bit of a hint to you all. We all struggle with Karma and so does she share a symbiotic relationship with us. Sure her Karma is her own, but as we learn to burn, enlighten and breathe the freedom of life back into our beings, we help release a great deal of tension there within our beloved Mother Gaia. She is struggling too with all the reckless “nature” of humanity. We are all nature, but Mother Nature needs us too. Our Karmic Field is there within and throughout her and we owe her so much for all that she’s done for us though all our trials and tribulations of life in our quest for true FREEDOM, not only do we gain a golden awareness, but so do we gift her a release of her own burdens, making her own process of clearing Karma so much easier. We all want to heal. And don’t we all love her so very much! I do!!! Living in abundance is to be void of all fears, especially those of gifting oneself and others with love. Being accommodating to the needs of others will clear your karmic burdens faster than anything at all. I know it can be difficult to approach another and to open up conversation of meaning, but each and every heart alike has an empty space of need. We all can be “aware” of these things simply by feeling into the hearts of others. All hearts communicate. It’s our Hearts and Soul that speak to one another. Let us gift one another now and then when they are calling out in need of a helping hand, crying out for loving embrace, or to be picked up when they have fallen. Blessing to everyone! I love you all so very much! ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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