Thursday May, 17th 2012 I wanted to post quickly in response to this specific statement. I myself have learned this the hard way several times -no dozens of times! Compassion is a tricky thing! You can love everyone, have and hold the very best intentions at heart for them, but if they are not wanting to choose love for themselves -not ready to choose love for them selves, you will only do them and yourself damage in trying to help them. Too many times, learned this the hard way myself. As I'm remembering past and future memories myself -getting glimpses of 5D, experiencing much 4D and knowing the dancing rainbow lights of love and joy and bliss coming our way, I want to do everything and anything to serve the divine plan for everyone and anyone, but when countless times, I have only caused discomfort, irritations and aggravations all in trying to "help" a close family member "see" love again, I have come to learn what "false compassion" is. I've had some of the closest people I love and adore completely turn on me. And in the process, they use the agitation to fuel their own prison of self doubt and despair. There were many instances where they would talk among other very close members of my inner circle of loved ones and I had a point where many of my family all thought I was crazy. I decided last fall to stop talking to anyone of my friends and family about any of these things I had been experiencing and working towards. I choose to lead by example instead. Switched to Raw Foods(lost nearly 60lbs), turned off Television, etc.. Now I am having many of the people that turned on me the most coming to me for guidance as they see me and think, "Wow Jacob looks so great! He smiles all the time! etc.. etc.." Unless the people look at you and ask for help and guidance, you are only doing a disservice to both them and yourself by trying to convince them of anything at all. If you truly love them, you must live the, "The Law of Allowing" as well. You never know, they may just jump off that fence they've been sitting on for so long at the very last minute, but until then, you can best serve the divine plan by loving yourself and assisting all those who will be looking to you for answers in the coming months -weeks -days! We're so close! :) :) :) I suppose I should have written about these experiences before, but it was only until recently that many of them have been coming back around and knocking on my door with open arms and healing tears of joy. Until they are ready to embrace love and joy -make right with creator, there is just nothing you can do to help them. . . . . . EXCEPT, you can still plant seeds to even the most lost and frightened through the Throat Chakra by vibrating and coding your speech all the wonderful things you want to say to them, all energetically whilst talking about anything from the weather to the latest basket ball game. This is the best way to help those not ready to face love directly yet as they will resonate with your vibes regardless and it will be there(your coded message) when they need it the most as their highest selves will deliver them that message... "Ah yes, I can talk to so-n-so to get these answers!" And when they come to you with a million and one questions, you will be able to reach them with all the power of heaven you wish to shine through for them! :) :) :) Time is so short now, my lovely and beautiful friends. I hope this helps Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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False Compassion vs Loving Through Allowing
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