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How To Talk To Family About The Coming Shift - Coding Your Speech
Wednesday May, 30th 2012 Have any loved ones sitting "on the fence" about choosing and allowing love in their hearts? So many of us have chosen love for ourselves and we know this joy and peace and beauty and harmony and bliss for ourselves, but we have siblings, parents, friends, extended family members and even see random people on the street every day and want to help them feel this love that we do and have grown to know as part of us. We want to tell them so much and everything we know and have felt and verified as truth within our own beings, but so many also know all too well that when you open your mouth and mention certain keywords and/or topics, they close the door on you, or more literally raise their shield and then stay hidden within their own safe bubble of comfort, afraid to look at change, even if that change is represented by this blazing star of light that you are! Many of you have likely experienced losses of very close relationships for trying to say certain things to them. Well you really CAN tell them these things without them ever being offended, without them ever closing in on themselves, and most importantly without them turning on YOU in the process. This is coding your speech and it is done through the Light Blue Throat Chakra. As you begin interacting with these loved ones, you can activate this energy center and feel/think/encode whatever information you are wishing to share with them all the while speaking to them about the lightest of material. Most people are doing this naturally already without even knowing it. However, as so many more people are now becoming more receptive, you can still show them too much energetically, but in practice you can learn to feel the magnetic resonance between the two of you as you interact and veil those specific bits of information that may still be too much for them to process. Just as each and every one of us are receiving our updates at our own regulated progression, you can personally share anything in your heart/on your mind this way with any person you are wishing to help in some way. And even if they are not very receptive at all, they will still receive this information on a multidimensional level and regardless of their receptivity level, this information will then filter down through their own higher bodies into their physical body as they are ready for this information. This is not mental telepathy. This is still very physical in nature and is not the same as sending imagery from the intellectual mind nor is this information received through the 3rd eye. It is felt and received through the Nervous System. This is something that anyone can do and get very good at through a little practice. It is all done through the Ethers. This is essentially how lies are detected. Very little is understood as of yet about the ethers, but these ethereal coding secrets are part of that very veil(shield) that is being lifted in these times. It is the *Thyroid Gland that is centered at the Throat Chakra and when we as the people or the ground crew begin mastering this center, we essentially break down the veil of secrecy over this entire planet in the process. It is the Throat of the World that must be healed and opened. As many more of us begin actively practicing this process, each and every one of you will then be directly contributing to the planetary healing in this specific case of this “Breaking Down the Shield of truth!” When the throat of the world begins speaking the truth, all will be revealed. Of course the very best way to teach is to BE the change. Leading by example, I have found has been the most effective way to touch any of these people I care so much about. I had a long period through last year and even still now where many of my closest friends and family members completely turned on me. Of course at that time, I said those buzzwords and divulged a little too much and pushed them away. Now they are all coming back into my life with love in their hearts, asking questions about Raw Foods, Healing Gaia’s body, or whatever other coded material I sent them previously as energetically coded speech. They are all more receptive in these recent months and even more so each week. They are seeing a new joy and love that they want to have in their lives and when you plant those seeds as such. All those people will come back to you with open arms and open hearts thinking, “Oh hey, I can talk to Jacob about this!” all the while likely not even aware it was you that gave them that information in the 1st place. ;) Of course I could have been doing this all along the past couple years, but I had to learn my own way just as each of my loved ones in their own time and process. Isn’t life a lovely learning process?! I’ve been meaning to write about this or some time now. I’m glad to have gotten it out there. ..love Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page. *Thyroid Word Origin & History [From New Latin thyroidēs,  from Greek thureoeidēs,  from thureos  oblong (literally: door-shaped) shield, from thura  door] 1693 (in ref. to both the cartilage and the gland), from Gk. thyreoiedes "shield-shaped" (in khondros thyreoiedes "shield-shaped cartilage," used by Galen to describe the "Adam's apple" in the throat), from thyreos "oblong, door-shaped shield" (from thyra "door") + - eides "form, shape." The noun, short for thyroid gland, is recorded from 1849.
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