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5th Dimensional Earth - Our “Little Blue Star”
Sunday Nov, 15th 2012 Hello, I’d like to share a sight that I had in meditation today. It was stellar and one of the most beautiful visions I've ever had! I was looking at it from a little more distant than as if I were standing before her and only lasted for a fraction of a second. It was glowing with a slightly lighter shade of Sapphire Blue and this color was all around her like a blazing aura, sorta like living smoke or even gaseous like. It danced around her, shooting outwards about the distance of her radius and fell back down and moved about again and again, intermingling and flowing throughout and all around her. I said in a gasp of breath and excitement, "HA! That is Gaia!" and then got blasted with a load of loving energies. I wasn't sure if this is what she looks like right now, or if it was being shown to me as what is coming, but I am very grateful I was shown at all -SO BEAUTIFUL!!! This may have been given to me since I've been thinking about the solar system, our sun, the big blue sun heading our way now and of course pondering, "What does an ascended planet look like, when referred to as a star look like in relationship to our sun?" So, I decided to make this with my photo editing software. It looks surprisingly accurate of what I saw and with the recent portals opened, Gaia is now opened to a new timeline in which she is both 5D and 3D and will then split again after ascension, so with the “timing” of this vision along with the energetic response I received to what I said, this does suggest it was a sight of 5th dimensional Earth, our “Little Blue Star!” :) All my love and adoration, Jacob P.S. -Hello my friends, please consider sharing this link, or even just spreading the image below of our Newly Ascending Gaia, as simply looking at this image raises the collective consciousness and brings this beautiful reality into manifestation even sooner! Love and thanks, Jacob DOWNLOAD IMAGE AS WALLPAPER 1920 X 1200 Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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