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Saturday Sep, 29th 2012 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends, I wanted to sum up a few of my previous blogs/channels in order to help provide a greater understanding, or if not drive/aspiration towards looking inwards. It is so very important to find that balance within oneself, but not only within the physical body alone. I am referring to the Multidimensional SELF. As we begin to master our own sovereignty, we experience a great balance within, between the Divne Masculine above and the Divine Feminine below, between the Causal Mind(not the brain) and the Heart within, between Creator and the Soul as expressed through our incarnate experience. There is a Trinity of Unconditional Love that we experience in this state of being which allows us to truly be ALL THAT WE ARE; each and every one of us, not only as an individual expression of Prime Creator, but as the infinitely powerful creator selves that we all are! I will explain in detail about this Trinity, but I want to 1st explain how we are limited only by the very doubts and fears within ourselves. So what is the source of these doubts that holds us back? It is the computer! In so many ways, it is the computer we sit in front of every day, it is the computer we use to communicate with one another, but most of all it is the computer within us that holds us back. I'd like to take this opportunity to throw out there a reminder that while the "Internet" can indeed be an invaluable tool, it is and has only ever been intended to be a distraction in order to hold us back from continuing our own personal journeys inwards back to source as through the heart. Please hear these words… The "World Wide Web" is only a 2D digital false representation of "Unity Consciousness" and it must be treated as such. It is in fact, a step backwards from our current 3D natural incarnate expressions. Yes, of course there is a time and a place to send an email, a text message, a Skype call, but please do not allow this "False Sense of Unity" to retain you from your own personal aspirations and higher selves' intent. As the Galactic Alignment tightens up, it is becoming more and more imperative that we spend more time looking and feeling inwards within our Sacred Heart Centers and less time looking and searching outwards to a false sense of reality as displayed on our 2D Monitors, Smart Phones, etc.. Not only is our Physical illusory experience no more "real" than the dreams we experience within those lower astral layers of the 4th dimension, but this "2D Digital Virtual-Reality" is only an absolutely unnatural false layer of existence created by the dark cabal in order to take us in the opposite direction of our souls' intent. All media, including television, movies and video games are all part of this same distraction. As a result, our physical computer/brain as well has been so programmed by the media and by the culture that many tend to get caught up and stuck only giving attention to the age old illusory lies that have been forced fed to us since birth through each and every incarnation. There certainly is a "Unity Consciousness" waiting for all humanity alike, so long as they continue pushing forward on their journey inward back to source as found within the Sacred Heart Center. Our physical brain, is no more than a massive database full of Random Access Memory in which our actual mind accesses and uses to help compute our actions. I am not excluding our Pineal Gland/DNA Center, or our Pituitary Gland/3rd Eye Center and the very powerful uses for these little organs within our beings, but that is a topic for another time in relation to the energetic, telepathic and vibrational exchanges between beings. It is as equally important to treat the physical brain simply as a useful tool, just as you would the "World Wide Web" including all digital and electric devices. The bottom line is to do your thinking from your Minds Knowing, and to balance this with discerning from your Hearts Feelings. I mentioned this Trinity of Love; Knowing, Feeling and Being. It is this trinity that fulfills our every desire and manifests our deepest aspirations. It is this foundation of unconditional love that manifests ALL THAT WE ARE as Multidimensional and Eternal Beings fully into our awareness. In order to truly balance this Trinity of Unconditional Love, start with Knowing the Minds Thoughts as through Divine Will and then balance this with Feeling our Heart's Intent as through the Soul. And it is "Being in the Moment" that completes this trinity. This directly translates to Knowing God, Feeling the Soul and Living each joyous Experience of the Now Moment. As so many are striving to interact with and hear their angels, this process of embodying ALL THAT WE ARE as a Trinity of Love allows us to raise our vibrations to do just that. Start with speaking/asking from the heart. This is how you can be certain you will reach all those angels resonating in the higher frequencies of love and that they will certainly have your own highest intentions at heart. Then listen in your mind, but NOT the computer as I mentioned above. This is and has been the same age old trick as we have been told by religion "Never to look within" and by science, "We are limited to our physical and intellectual brain." Your mind is part of your Multidimensional Nature and is located above the body. Your thoughts come from your Thought Body as through your Causal Chakra, approximately 3 feet above the head. It is not so important to locate this center right away as it is to simply be aware of, or more-less, being open to ALL THAT YOU ARE. You will begin feeling your angels through the heart and even though these interactions can start out very subtle, it is very important never to lose this feeling as it is through your feelings that these subtle interactions will expand your awareness outwards. You will then begin feeling them with your entire nervous system as well. In time you will hear them in your mind, especially while meditating in the Causal Plane. It is just as important to speak from the heart as it is to discern whatever it is you hear through the heart. So whatever you hear within the inner planes, you must bring it down through the computer/brain and weigh all these messages within your Sacred Heart Center to maintain the purity of your interactions, because any entity can say anything through the mind. So long as you are balancing the Minds Thoughts with the Hearts Feelings, you can verify in certainty the genuine intentions and purity of any source. As you continue on, you will begin to recognize exactly who you are interacting with and will no longer be susceptible to manipulations, uncertainties or confusion. Let me talk more about this balance in relation to "Creating" with this same Trinity of Unconditional Love. I spoke of Truth & Awareness in a previous blog/channel, so you know that the one divine truth comes from Creator/Source as truth is unbound by space or time, or otherwise that which does not change. Your Knowing of this truth is the source of your Divine Willpower as felt through the Sacred Mind. I spoke of the Difference Between Feelings & Emotions in a previous blog/channel as well, so you know that your emotions are only signals and they are not your true Feelings. Your Feelings are the source of your Soul's Deliberate Intent as felt through the Sacred Heart Center. I also spoke of BEcoming A Cosmic BEing in a previous blog/channel. In fact, I speak about this in one way or another in most everything I say as it is my primary goal to empower all my fellow brothers and sisters alike to ALL THAT YOU ARE! I find myself overjoyed each and every time I see someone embracing just how important and irreplaceable each and every one of us are as a part of creation and specifically to Gaia in this precious time. Between your Divine Willpower and your Deliberate Intent, you are each an Infinitely Powerful Creator Being that manifests ALL THAT YOU ASPIRE TO BE as an Individual Incarnate Expression of Prime Creator. As infinitely powerful Creator Beings, it is our responsibility to ourselves, to Gaia and to all of humanity alike to monitor and master our thoughts and emotions. True bravery is required to transmute our Fears to Faith. When we are in Fear, this stems from all that is unknown or misunderstood to us. It is when we surrender our Fears to Faith that all these unknowns, concerns, doubts and all that we do not understand simply falls away. Faith is retaining this Knowing within that all our desires will be fulfilled through the power of Nature and/or the Laws of the Universe. Faith is one of those things that simply cannot be learned, or taught. It can only be experienced, or chosen through your connection to Divine Willpower and your Deliberate Intent. Just as with happiness, Faith is a choice, but more than simply choosing to be happy, it requires much more than the absolute loving acceptance of ALL THAT IS in the "Now Moment" Faith is surrendering to the Knowing that your happiness will indeed continue beyond the "Now Moment" allowing us to truly become ALL THAT WE ARE; From God To Your Atoms and Everything In Between. By this, I mean from Creator to the light of your soul, through your Multidimensional Being, to your more subtle bodies, to your physical SELF and the very Atoms that manifest your entire illusory experience! So long as you are in loving acceptance of ALL THAT YOU ARE, holding and balancing this Trinity of Love within, you will only ever manifest more of the same! Have Faith, my lovely and beautiful friends, and together WE will BE the change! And this correlates precisely with returning to the awareness of ALL THAT WE ARE in Unity Consciousness as ONE, together as WE are the CO-CREATORS manifesting the New Earth Sun, our emerging Little Blue Star! ..with Unconditional Love, Adoration and Gratitude, Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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