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7 Sub-Dimensional Layers of the 4th Dimension / 7 Aspects of a “Spiritual Being”
Ascension truly does not have to be difficult. You absolutely can learn through joy. The trick is to stay in grace and humility. When those emotional conflicts arise within you, it is true that we must then judge ourselves in order to learn, but this doesn't have to be painful at all. That is what being humble is about. You see, we are all in the grace of God's loving embrace. We are always forgiven before we ever even make our mistakes, or sins if you will. That was why Mother/Father God 1st created that Trinity by creating Man; we learn through experiencing our mistakes in order for each and every one of us to become an ever greater expression of Prime Creator. It is only an illusory perception of duality to think that our sins are about chaos, as in contrary to those religious, fear-based teachings, our mistakes are in fact all about an ever-greater expansion of the entire cosmos! It only becomes chaotic when we choose not to listen to our Soul's expression while it provides us with those many emotional warnings or signals. Loving yourself must be an all inclusive experience of your entire being as a whole. You must dig deeper than just your emotions and uncover your Sacred Heart's true feelings, you must dig deeper than just your thoughts and uncover your Sacred Mind's true knowing, and in that balance, you will discover Unconditional Love incarnate as a trinity within your being, holistically. It is more than just your emotions, more than just your subconscious, more than just your energy or magnetic resonance and much more about your entire being as a whole; from God to your Atoms. You must look at yourself from a grander perspective -as an overseer as we are not judged by our deeds in the ascended planes and are however recognized by our current vibrational frequency patterns. Let go of those attachments to the past emotional conflicts and BE -be a creator -become ALL THAT YOU ARE. Accept those past mistakes as simply lost, misguided aspects of yourself that need to return home to you. See yourself in the very moments of making those mistakes and surround those past versions of yourselves with a golden loving aura and then reclaim those lost fragments of yourselves with an unconditional loving acceptance. Through constructive self-judgment, you can learn from each and every mistake and through the process of forgiveness, you then become one more step closer to truly becoming whole. That, in a nutshell, is the process of ascension and it must be done over and over and again and again. It is through diligent meditation/prayer that you will eventually achieve what I like to call a "Living Meditation" as you continually work towards your individual and personal goal of ascension. With an active understanding of the "Living Meditation" you must work your way up the ladder of vibrational resonance, through each of the seven sub-dimensional layers of each dimension. I will expand on the 4th dimension and break it down into its seven sub- dimensional layers, but 1st you must understand that we are multidimensional beings. By this, I mean we are not simply 3D or 4D or 5D beings. Multidimensional means we exist on multiple dimensions at the same time and beyond the 3rd and 4th dimensions, the linear perspective of time and space, then completely begins to change into a scientific and spiritual comprehension. Humans are in the process of raising their vibrational resonance and density into that of the ascended planes of the 5th dimension and above. By "ascended planes" I am referring to the lack there of duality in which we are no longer burdened by the illusory perceptions of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, we are once again connected to Spirit, once again interconnected with one and all in Unity and individually connected to our Higher Selves. So as multidimensional beings, most people are currently resonating mostly in the 3rd AND 4th dimensions concurrently. Some are anchored deeply in their duality of the 3rd dimensional conscious awareness only in which they are not even remembering their dream state at all while others are beginning to resonate within the 5th dimension and above, but the great point here is to understand that we are multidimensional beings, experiencing multiple dimensions either concurrently, or as through dimensional shifts, but that depends on the soul mission of each individual. As we are each on our own individual progression up the ladder of vibrational resonance into the inner dimensions, you can begin to discern where you are resonating, vibrationally speaking, in accordance to your current awareness of the seven sub-dimensional layers of the 4th dimension at any given moment. Are you remembering your dreams? What kind of dreams are you having? These questions can help you understand where you reside individually along your personal climb up the 4th dimensional ladder of vibrational resonance. While the 1st three layers of the 4th dimension consist of the astral layers, the lowest of these layers still fall in that “Realm of Forgetfulness" however the next two sub-dimensional layers of the 4th dimension are the Causal and Mental Planes. When you begin to tap into the purity of your Knowing as through the Sacred Mind, you will begin to write, speak, draw, sculpt, paint, sing, etc... All or any of which begin coming down as a channeled aspect of Spirit and this is where you will begin to develop your clairvoyance as well as dream recollection. As you graduate from the Mental and Causal Planes, the 4th & 5th sub-dimensional levels of the 4th dimension, many other gifts specific to your individual being will begin to flourish. Your meditation/prayer time will bring you much more vivid and extraordinary experiences. Then again, as you graduate once again from the 5th to the 6th sub-dimensional levels of the 4th dimension, you are truly mastering your Feelings as through the Sacred Heart and are in the process of merging the Soul Self with the Incarnate Self. Just as with each individual dimension being broken up into seven sub-dimensional levels, so are there also seven aspects of our BEING/Awareness which are broken up into the very same format and each dimension, sub-dimensionally correlates to those seven aspects of our being. The lower four Aspects of our Incarnate Beings make up our most tangible incarnate nature. They are, starting from the most densely structured in nature, the Physical Body, the Etheric Body, the Astral Body and the Magnetic Body. There are many other names for these four lowest aspects of our beings, such as the Physical Body, the Emotional Body, the Light Body, and the Thought Body, or again as the Physical Body, the Ethereal Body, the Energy Body, and the Causal Body. The upper three aspects of your BEING aware are as Mental, Soul and Spirit, or in another way, the Thinking, Feeling and Knowing and again as the Mental Self, the Higher(Soul) Self and the Highest(God) Self. And as you then graduate from the 6th sub-dimensional level into the 7th sub-dimensional level of the 4th dimension, the highest vibrational state of BEING aware within the 4th dimension, you will then transcend the state of "Sleeping While Awake" into "Awake While Sleeping" If you can grasp the actuality of that statement, it will come in a series of "AHHA!" moments in which you truly understand both sides of duality in absolute clarity. You begin to become much more of a master of what, where and who you interact with in your meditative sojourns and/or your sleep cycles. Not only are you in the final stages of mastering your 4th dimensional awareness, but you are in the final stages of truly mastering your own BEING within your duality. In order to fully understand the vibrational resonance of each of those seven sub-dimensional layers of the 4th dimension, I suggest that you correlate each of the seven aspects of your BEING with each of the seven sub-dimensional layers of the 4th dimension and then pay close attention to the personal lessons you are learning and the specific gifts you are mastering at any given moment. Please see the chart below as a “General Guide” to show the relevance of the Seven Sub-Dimensional Layers of the 4th Dimension, the Seven Aspects of a "Spiritual Being" and the 7 Levels of Conscious Awareness that I am discussing here. There is also information available regarding the Seven Levels of Knowing God by Deepak Chopra that I DO resonate strongly with it as I am coming to the very same conclusions as proven within my own being as I continue looking inward. However, I’m pointing out additionally that ALL of these "Aspects of Seven" carry a correlation between each of the other "Aspects of Seven" and so I leave it to you to use this chart to determine where your current experiences of Conscious Awareness are in resonance to your current level of ascension. I will soon be providing a more substantial list of “Example Experiences” to add to what one can expect to occur in each specific Conscious Level of Awareness in order to make it much easier for any individual to speculate and discern precisely where their personal ascension progress is at in very clear and simple terms. This same list will of course also provide specific skills one can aspire towards developing into their next level of Mastery. There are those of us that ride the wave of ascension and those of us creating the wave of ascension. In Meditation/Prayer as through your Divine Willpower and your Deliberate Intent, we then create this Manifest Incarnate Experience to reach fruition. Using that Trinity of Unconditional Love as a base "Living Meditation" towards looking within, we can all unlock the secrets of the universe! -And all in our own precise timing. It is within each our own Free Will to decide on waiting for ascension, or within each or own Divine Willpower to decide on creating our new world. Certainly waiting is not creating anything, but stagnation. And meditation is invaluable as to the ascension of each of us individually, Humanity alike and Gaia Herself. For every moment I close my eyes, I am asking, I am digging deeper beyond just the "Living Meditation" and I go further into my Sacred Mind/Sacred Heart/I AM Presence. -The Trinity of Unconditional Love Incarnate which comes from understanding and balancing your Highest(God) Self, your Higher(Soul) Self and your Incarnate Self. -This is the Zero Point of Stillness in which ALL IS ONE! The more one practices activating this Living Trinity within as through meditation/prayer, the deeper you can go -The less bound by space and time you become -The closer you get to Spirit and ALL THAT IS -The less entangled by those illusory perceptions of duality you become. -The easier it is to detach from those binding cords in which we place "conditions" on one another. With an Active and Living Trinity Meditation, you can accelerate your ascension process as I have. We each need to accomplish these awakenings, breakthroughs, lessons, expansions, etc.. of which are all different for each one of us, but the process is the same. The goal is to graduate beyond each sub-dimensional layer as your vibrational resonance gradually raises in frequency and your body then adjusts to the light and sound resonance of each sub-dimensional layer on our ascension back into Spirit and out of duality. However, we are also multidimensional, and can shift through these sub-dimensional layers as well as through each dimension concurrently, but we all have a current maximum frequency range that is regulated by our Higher Selves and then allowed to graduate upwards, or inwards along each step of our awareness as we achieve a certain level of mastery within those 7 sub-dimensional layers of the 4th dimension associated with that same level of our awareness. The 1st thing I will tell you is to look within your Sacred Heart, from there you will know your Higher Self's True Feelings, but knowing your Soul's Feelings is only part of the answer as you must balance those Feelings with the Knowing of the ONE Absolute Truth as through your Sacred Mind. So, BE joyous in the creation of your THOUGHTS! So BE mindful of your FEELINGS! And your MANIFEST CREATIONS will be those of the DIVINE WILL ORDER of SPIRIT as through your very Soul's DELIBERATE INTENT! I would point out that I only speak and write about my own findings as through my own proven techniques of those secrets of the cosmos that I have unlocked and understand within my own being, verified as through real experiences, rather than accepting anything else I have been told or have read. All the answers and secrets of your "higher selves" and your multidimensional nature are within your own Hearts. I know this because I have been looking there for a very long time and continue to unlock more and more every time I dig deeper, asking questions. Not only are all the answers you seek within you, but they will be unlocked to each your own individual and proper pace and according to your Higher Self. You will learn ALL THAT IS precisely at the right time for you. There really is only ONE Truth, that which does not change, or is unbound by space and time. Every single source and book and person has their own version of their truth until their awareness shifts into speaking from a place beyond their illusory state of duality. Call it Unity Consciousness if you will, but even when people reach this level of spirituality, they still retain a duality and can often forget to detach from their own beliefs when transferring "spoken/written word" I include myself in that, so if you are reading anything, anywhere that mentions anything thta invokes Fear, than it is absolutely false and nonsense. You must immediately throw it out and clear those thoughts from further infecting your BEING and from spreading unto the awareness of others. If you are reading/hearing information that makes you feel empowered, enlightened and promote a general sense of joy, then it is of the One Truth of SPIRIT. And finally, I can guarantee that anytime you search within your own Heart, you will discover more towards ALL THAT YOU ARE, so long as you are asking from grace and humility. Ultimately the answer is always to look within as that is the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe.  Ascension is a process that unfolds naturally. It is meant to be a beautiful process. It is not something anyone was ever meant to stress about. The sooner one proves to themselves that they are receiving all the answers they seek, the sooner they can can move past the stagnation and truly begin ascending. ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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