Your Multidimensional SOUL STAR System Hello my lovely and beautiful friends. I would like to explain more about our Soul Star system and how our bodies are interconnected and aligned with everything in creation… from the atoms, to our cells, to our actual physical and multidimensional bodies, to the planets and the Solar System and beyond. What has been allowed to be known and available to the people for so long is so fractionated and cut off from what we as people truly have the potential to become. Our power is truly infinite. Everything in nature by design has a full spectrum, multidimensional rainbow within and at such a grand scale that what is known currently even by many of the healers and spiritual thinkers today barely touches the power and light we have the potential to hold within our bodies. Many of these secrets will be released as the veil is just now beginning to be peeled back from this local section of the cosmos. Beyond the ascension process, the 7 Primary Rays of Light currently within our beings, will soon give way to an additional 5 Rays that when in Harmony, create a Light/Sound Based 12 Ray Sonic Soul Star System. I plan to provide a Full 12 Ray Center Chart  as soon as I can activate and verify these new centers within my own body. I will not write about what I have not yet proven within my own being. So far as what I provide in these charts, it is based on a 3D/4D Center System that will change in our ascension process. So here we are waking up and reclaiming what is rightfully ours, the light and sound of our souls. As we begin to fill our bodies with the awareness of ALL THAT WE ARE, the more we purify our cells through reducing and denying any further toxins and pollutants, the more we clear out any remaining emotional and karmic history attached, the more we reclaim ownership and control over our own thoughts, all the more powerful we become and so we can rebuild better structures within ourselves to retain both all that light as well as those new frequencies of sound, allowing this process of becoming a living incarnation of the highest self to reach fruition. Simply seeing this information will wake up parts of your being once again. Consider the lifetime you have lived of being told absolutely everything contrary to what your intellectual brain is about to hear. The veil -that shield -that thyroid… the Throat of the World is finally being lifted. So feel through knew information as you take each word and weigh it within your Sacred Heart Center. It is there that you will feel that one divine truth. It will never lie to you. However your physical brain has many things to unlearn. Enjoy the process dear ones.  I'll explain the full spectrum nature that includes parts of ourselves as cosmic beings extending infinitely beyond what is currently perceived. Click through the images above to learn more about your multidimensional nature on the way to becoming a cosmic being, unveiling your complete 12 Ray Sonic Soul Star system including information about your more subtle higher bodies to the most dense aspects of your being as well as many more secrets that have been hidden for far too long.
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