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Archangel Metatron - “Ownership” And The Meaning Of Life
Saturday Apr, 27th 2013 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends, Brothers and Sisters alike, I am Archangel Metatron. I’d like to speak about “Ownership” today and the Responsibilities of the Ground Crew. When one looks upon ALL THAT IS "matter" or whatever that is outside of us, these things do not belong to any one being or government or corporation. Our dear Mother Gaia shares with us, this GIFT from THE ALMIGHTY ONE so that we may chose to either ENDURE, or to ENJOY LIFE. So why do we "LIVE"? What is the meaning of life? It is so simply just that; to BE ALIVE! And in that BEING, the entire point is To Live, To Love, To Learn, To Expand and To Repeat. That is GOD's WILL for ALL OF US! Just as it is our SOUL's Intention, to expand ALL THAT WE ARE, and in doing so, we in turn expand ALL THAT IS/GOD/SPIRIT! What WE DO OWN are those Thoughts and Emotions we carry from within our Sacred Mind and our Sacred Heart. And as we begin to take ownership of our Thoughts and of our Emotions, we begin to realize the TRUE MASTERS CREATORS THAT WE ARE! And it is through both our Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart that we, in turn give back that gift of BEING as a Living Trinity birthing our incarnate manifest experience. And so that is why I pointed out how we can choose to ENJOY LIFE just as easily as so many often also chose to ENDURE LIFE. See, WE REALLY CAN LEARN THROUGH JOY! And I would like to speak about how we can, each and every one of us do this. So that is why I’m speaking about OWNERSHIP. Let it be clear in this ABSOLUTE TRUTH that we do not own anything outside of us, not even those atoms that hold us together. Life is a precious gift of BEING incarnate and ALL THAT IS outside of us is all gifted all the same. It is “on loan” to us so that we might bring forth the expansion of ALL THAT IS as through living, loving and learning. We are all infinitely powerful creator beings. So when one seeks out ABSOLUTE TRUTH, then by this design of ownership, this ABSOLUTE TRUTH can only be confirmed as through one’s own BEING, and NOT anywhere outside of us. It is only our WISDOM and our DNA that we truly take beyond each incarnation. The fact that we are infinitely powerful creator beings, I’ve said many times over, but so long as all of us dear Brothers and Sisters are not taking responsibility for ALL THAT WE ARE and for that which WE TRULY DO OWN –So long as we continue on in this way seeking outside of ourselves for CONFIRMATION OF TRUTH, we only continue on giving away our greatest power! How can one expect to confirm anything when they are limiting themselves to that of a book, an article, a healer or guru, when we cannot ever possibly claim OWNERSHIP over those things? How can we possibly be certain of ABSOLUTE TRUTH if not confirmed from within ones’ own BEING? There is a big difference between what the brain thinks to be KNOWLEDGE and what we can truly prove through personal experience as WISDOM within our BEING. We are ALL intuitive, my dear Brothers and Sisters, ALL Humanity alike! And part of our intuitive process is the comprehension of how our Thoughts and Emotions work. These things WE TRULY DO OWN! But we can be greedy with our Thoughts and Emotions by placing attachments on others in which case, turn into judgments and/or other emotional reactions while we reflect on others, rather than the situation at hand on its own. Remember, THE TRUE PURPOSE OF JUDGMENT IS MEANT FOR ONES OWN SELF just as are our Thoughts and Emotional reactions about EACH OUR OWN internal conflicts. And those unpleasant Thoughts and Emotional experiences can be cleared and transmuted to love so quickly by simply releasing those judgments we place on others and realize it is truly OUR OWN SELVES that we are judging. It is in humility that we can seek forgiveness from our Highest GOD Selves and then release those unpleasant Thoughts and Emotional conflicts WHICH ARE ALWAYS ONLY EVER ABOUT OUR OWN SELVES. Our Thoughts and Emotions are never about the ones that reflect that TRUTH upon us, even when we so very convinced that they are. These others are simply BEING the MASTERS OF THEIR OWN JOURNEY as well. And whether they are right or wrong, they are only acting as a mirror, reflecting that shining example of something that our Higher Selves wishes us to resolve. This very important lesson of OWNERSHIP is that both our Thought Body and our Emotional Bodies are part of the full spectrum, multidimensional nature of ALL THAT WE ARE as Cosmic Beings. Just as it is important to release those claims of ownership of ALL THAT IS outside of ourselves, it is equally important to release those Thoughts and Emotional claims of ownership over others as we place them within our personal emotional conflicts. This is greed of a sort that affects those we think about and those we impose our Thoughts and Emotional reactions upon. Just as this land is a gift "on loan" that Gaia shares with us all, so are our THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS, a GIFT. And so it is equally important TO CLAIM OWNERSHIP of our Thought Body and our Emotional Body, as these aspects of our BEINGS really are WHAT WE DO OWN. And so the significance of this is that we begin to practice unconditional love by taking responsibility for these aspects of our BEING and treat them as a GIFT to all others as we include them within our awareness, because as we continue coming closer to UNITY, each and every one of us become further empowered every day, we all become so very sensitive to the Thoughts and Emotions of others. In the process of empowerment and in order to become an Ascended Master, we must practice and develop this Empathy; one of the most magical gifts that has been so far removed from Humanity. So GIFT all others with unconditional loving Thoughts and Emotional kindness, compassion and gratitude and then whenever there are unpleasant thoughts and emotional signals that arise within, always remember that these are pointing towards lessons from our Higher Selves and NOT EVER about the ones that reflect that TRUTH upon us. So then what IS the difference between ENJOYING life and ENDURING life? This again, can be answered through OWNERSHIP. That which is outside of us, WE DO NOT OWN and so we must love ALL THAT IS unconditionally, allowing ALL ELSE and ALL OTHERS to live and to learn in their own way. And so long as we impose judgments on anything or anyone else outside of us, we are not truly seeing OUR LESSONS in life… and so we continue on ENDURING so much. That which is outside of us, WE DO NOT OWN and so long as we continue to seek confirmation anywhere outside of our own BEINGS, we then never truly ever EMPOWER OURSELVES… and so we continue on ENDURING so much. However, WE CAN CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF OUR BEING, and as we seek out ABSOLUTE TRUTH, and reflect ALL THAT WE ARE upon ALL THAT IS, we can then use judgment appropriately upon OURSELVES and in that humility, we so very quickly learn new lessons every day. This is learning through JOY! And what a JOYOUS LIFE it truly is when we can learn to trust in our own intuition. Your evolution and your empowerment and your ascension is ALL contingent on this! To move forward as such, we must reclaim OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY for ALL THAT WE ARE whereas confirmation is NOT in some book or article or healer or guru, but within each our own BEINGS. I see people everyday saying they are not intuitive, but our intuition serves us all every single day and from moment to moment, my dear Brothers and Sisters. All too often, so many dear souls call to me and say, “What should I do? I think I should do this.” And I can reflect upon what I see within all of us and in every single case, we each receive those answers from our Higher Selves every time! So why is it that we think we must seek out confirmation from any other source that WE DO NOT OWN? We must come to realize that we are all “channeling” every day –in every moment, each and every one of us, but IT MUST BE YOU that gives you that confirmation, not any other source outside of you. There is so much more to our BEING than our physical brain and a beating heart! We must learn to recognize just how “in tune” we really are, so I suggest for practice, that when you do find yourself reading a book or an article, or speaking to a healer or a guru, that you begin asking those questions within your BEING, even when it is you yourself speaking, you must ask yourself in every situation, or in this case, “Are these words I’m reading TRUTH?” You will know whether or not it is ABSOLUTE TRUTH because ALL THAT IS/SPIRIT/GOD is part of ALL THAT WE ARE just as each and every one of us are all individual expressions of GOD/SPIRIT/ALL THAT IS! My lovely and beautiful friends, Brothers and Sisters alike, it is my greatest desire to empower you to truly BE ALL THAT YOU ARE! So very many are all waiting for this world to change, but so long as there is a following of the same design that has been set by the ruling elite, we will not ever create anything more than stagnation or the status quo. If this world is to truly BE empowered, we must begin with empowering ourselves. We must claim OWNERSHIP for ALL THAT WE ARE! And at the Highest aspect of our BEING, the GOD SELF, WE TRULY ARE ALL IN UNITY, but one must first begin TRUSTING in that source and on through their own incarnate BEING if they wish to become that. And eventually, we can ALL begin to Love indefinitely, rather than veering away from that love intermittently in order to learn our lessons. It really is possible to learn and to expand ALL THAT WE ARE without losing that loving intention. That is the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that exists in UNITY with ALL THAT IS. Seek out TOGETHERNESS, my fellow Ground Crew. Seek out TOGETHERNESS with the Star Crew. Seek out TOGETHERNESS with ALL THAT IS. Seek out TOGETHERNESS within ONES’ SELF! I am Archangel Metatron, I bless you with all my love and adoration, I am here among you as one of you, your equal together with my brother Archangel Sandalphon as we have been many times in the past, again working towards the empowerment of All Humanity under DIVINE AUTHORITY of our Lord Sananda(Yeshua/Jesus). ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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