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Archangel Metatron - In ALL Things Togetherness Is The Solution! 
Sunday Apr, 28th 2013 Hello my Brothers and Sisters, I am Archangel Metatron. I would like to continue speaking about OWNERSHIP and taking responsibility as a Light Worker. When we are received with hostility by others, these ones are only reacting to the Love and Light that you are reflecting back upon them. Those emotions arise in them due to what their own fear of truly connecting and BEING as one with their HIGHEST GOD SELVES. This is what triggers that FIGHT OR FLIGHT syndrome, but as with all fear-based thinking, we've had it drilled into us that these are your only options when they are not. There really is A THIRD OPTION and that is all part of the ASCENDED MASTERY we are all here to help Humanity to achieve. Empowerment begins with seeking Togetherness over Separation, whereas Separation is an attitude problem that is still today, carried over even in the ascended planes since the intrusion of those Dark Ones. It is important that we take ownership of our Thoughts and Emotions and are aware whenever we are thinking in such ways of separation, as SEPARATION IS THE VERY SEED TO ALL CONFLICT whereas SEPARATION TRULY DOES NOT EXIST anywhere outside of one’s own mind. Yet, so long as one can fall into these emotional traps based on the internal conflicts of others in such ways, well then those conflicts can begin manifesting even between individual souls. This is the cause for all conflict and justification for all wars that exist today. This separation all starts with an internal FEAR OF ACCEPTANCE and unconditional love for ALL THAT IS. “One must truly know thyself before one can ever truly know GOD.” What this means is we must find the humility to love and accept ALL THAT WE ARE before we can truly love and accept ALL THAT IS, because ALL THAT IS/GOD/TRUTH is within you –it is part of you –IT IS YOU! So we must begin taking OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY for ALL THAT WE ARE and this begins with listening and understanding each our own Thoughts and Emotions and what that lesson, or message is we are choosing to learn in that moment. It is all about those vibrations we choose to carry around with us and therefore, the environment we manifest in turn. And so in this VERY FINE LINE of taking OWNERSHIP and RESPONSIBILITY, it is important that we monitor whether we are truly supporting TOGETHERNESS, or if we if are falling into those traps in promotion of SEPARATION? We must ask this of ourselves on both sides of the equation in every moment! Are we imposing OUR Thoughts and Emotions onto others? Are we imposing judgment on those things outside of us such as who is right and wrong, or are we focusing on that which we truly do own such as each our own Thoughts and Emotions and the intentions or the direction of our energy? “THE MISSION” IS TOGETHERNESS. IN ALL THINGS, TOGETHERNESS IS THE SOLUTION! Whether it is solving the oppression of The Divine Feminine, bringing Peace to the World, conflict resolution of religious beliefs or becoming ALL THAT WE ARE within ones’ self, in all things, togetherness is the solution! And so long as we can start with the TOGETHERNESS of ONES’ OWN SELF, then ALL ELSE will manifest in togetherness as well. WHEN THEY'RE ANGRY, I STAND STRONG WITH GENTLE EYES WHEN THEY'RE AFRAID, I HOLD THEM GENTLY WITH STRONG ARMS Read My Full Poetic Call To Arms HERE! Poetically speaking aside, that really does explain that 3rd option so well, which is to stand firmly with absolute pure unconditional love. Fight or Flight are fear-based reactions, but even in the face of conflict, the love and light of our Highest GOD Selves are more powerful than any lower vibratory fear based intentions. And this empowerment begins with the absolute faith in one’s self as well as in ALL THAT IS. If you chose to fall into their personal trap of "separation" you then, in turn begin to vibrate in "conflict" with them. And so this triggers that FIGHT OR FLIGHT scenario in which case, we never truly overcome that which is presented to us, so as the ASCENDING MASTERS that we all are, there is this 3rd option of standing in humility before ALL THAT IS presented to us which is our opportunity to nurture and love those seeds we've planted with love and kindness. So instead of falling into that trap of conflict they are imposing outside of themselves rather than looking within, we can in turn, express to them their errors in thinking from a loving perspective in which they will no longer feel as though they are being attacked. They will no longer experience those emotions of being shone that which they are afraid of and instead, as you continue on reflecting and practicing THIS 3RD OPTION, speaking to them with unconditional love and acceptance of their mistakes, they begin to feel thoughts and emotions of GUIDANCE and NURTURING rather than those of SEPARATION AND CONFLICT. And the magic in this is that this allows these ones following that old design of FIGHT OR FLIGHT to transcend their fears and to begin thinking in terms of UNITY, love acceptance and TOGETHERNESS. So when being received with hostility, remember that we are ALL ASCENDING MASTERS alike, some learning lessons we’ve already mastered and some helping us to learn those lessons they’ve previously mastered themselves. The promotion of TOGETHERNESS in the face of conflict is the way of an ASCENDING MASTER  and will lead towards the UNITY and TOGETHERNESS of ALL Humanity Alike. In love and adoration, I am Archangel Metatron. ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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