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We Rise In Love Through the Triality of Our God Selves & Higher Selves
Saturday Aug, 18th 2015 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends. What is “duality” if only crossing across the veil of secrecy? We are actually living in a “triality” though most light workers are not aware of this. We all have an Angelic Self or Christ Self that embodies our Higher Heart(Thymus) which exists across the veil of secrecy. We all also have a God Self, however we exist there across the rainbow bridge which we walk in self reflection as we get to know ourselves in truth. This is our God Self or future self. We all exist in time as it unravels, spirals or gravitates inward in the “now” moment. We think all day long with minor adjustments from either our Higher Selves or our God Selves and live as those individual expressions in reflection of our highest light stemming for Mother and Father God. Living in the Now Moment is talked about all across the spiritual community, but we should begin to keep in our awareness that we exist relative to where we are thinking from and in which dimensional awareness those thoughts originate. For some of us, our Higher Selves exist in the 12th, 11th and 10th dimensions just as our God Selves exist in the 144th dimensions and even much higher when truly accepting ones self in absolution. We interact through knowing and thinking with both our Higher Selves and our God Selves when we are in a full spectrum awareness of ones self in absolute truth and self reflection or judgment. These judgments exist “now” throughout all time; past, present and future and in this self judgement, we incarnate as ascended masters up the dimensional scale in relativity to our selves and others set apart only by whichever world or dimensional expression we are knowing or thinking in at any given moment. Our Karma is balanced and regulated as through our Highest light as we cross the rainbow bridge. We live and clear our Karma this way by living those interactions we experience(d) or intend to experience thereafter “right now”. Without self reflection and self judgment, we get caught in the abyss. This is why I have said many times over, “We must know ourselves in truth before we can truly know God.” Know thy selves in truth dear sisters and brothers and we will soar across the rainbow bridge in grace, but please remember, there are many others struggling and we can reach down and help them across as light workers. This is our duty as light workers incarnate here and now.  As we begin to truly know the God Self, we will begin to experience time as it unravels in the now. Doing so in grace requires grounding and anchoring to the physical incarnate self. We are living in the space we fill as our light fills us within our physicality. Our light is our Karmic Truth. It is our choice as individuals to occupy the space we share and fill in love and only in unconditional love, or to fall to greed, lust and/or anger. “Love and Light” so many say. This is only another way to say “Space & Time” or even Life and Karma. We can simply live for ones self purpose or include all others in our karmic expression of life by loving ourselves in absolution. In this Self reflection, we are living in constant self judgement of our deeds, misdeeds and mistakes. In love of self; unconditional, we can shed our karmic burdens and give back to all others without any negative karmic adjustments or burdens. This is how we can truly love others. Love and Light without a constant tolerance of those bumps and hurdles we cross with and around others, we are not truly living in self mastery. Without this patience of self mistakes and of others struggling in their own path, we lose hope and are not able to gift in grace and charity to others the highest light and intentions of our own love and passion for all life. What is love in higher vibrations or dimensions if not filling ourselves with the light and truth we are incarnate? Though moving faster energetically, we are only “falling in love” This serves no purpose other than living and learning through pain and suffering. What was the fall of man about in the 1ts place other than to truly understand love in truth without falling again and again? In order to “rise in love”, we must know ones self in absolute truth and be willing to reflect this upon all others in that same acceptance with patience and tolerance, with vigilance in chivalry and with an honest expression of the light that is truth this carries into our temporal incarnate expression of self, all that we are both individually and full spectrally as a gift, always in grace and charity unto those our intentions are to share love unconditional with. I’d like to share this short song/poem I wrote a few years ago: “We Rise In Love” Now I KNOW! I know why! Why they say "falling in love" ...(what do they know?) There's no faster way to forfeit the soul than to fall! And I'll NEVER! Not ever! I'll never say those words again ...(I'm not falling for it) I AM ALL that I AM.. in love.. with you! Oh my love... My Star You've taught me what real love IS! ...(Has NOT to do with) Falling is for the fools and the fools are full of fear! And so they rise! Our hearts shine! I give it to you to receive such as mine ...(we'll heal the world) What we have is eternal unbound by space and time! I SEE you! I FEEL you! I fill you with the love you are …(We are as ONE) I have risen in love with you and there is no substitute! We all descended so long ago with the intentions to know love in truth. Consider the ancient depictions of angels and seraphim and other entities in nudity and lust. In this way, we were all Children of God, living and learning through pain and suffering. One might argue that to lust feels good, but what happens when attaching love to sex when not founded in truth prior to those engagements? This was how we fell in love. Consider for example the stories of Babylonian times in lust and greed and anger. This is pain and suffering in the most arduous way. We are here as light workers to create a new foundation of pure light, positive karma and absolute truth as One Voice, One Mind, One Heart, or One God, expressions as individuals of that Mother/Father God incarnate. We have the opportunity to birth into humanity this light or new blueprint, each of us 1st as individuals and as Twin Flames and then as our Higher Selves or the stars that we are expressions of God. In this work, we are helping to fill our Mother Gaia with this new blue print by the incarnations we are sharing this space with her echoing throughout all time. This is our Sacred Geometry and our work in Magnetic Harmony. In reflection of our gift of life we are incarnate by the grace of Mother/Father God, we have the honorable duty to exist as well in grace and harmony to shift ourselves and be part of Mother Gaia’s shift… and to do so without danger as forewarned by many past documented visionaries and prophets. With the new Karmic blueprint of Sacred Geometry, we are magnetically and vibrationally filling our hearts in an honest expression of love, so allowing the “Rise of Man” in true love. We do so in Unity and only unconditionally in Unity; all humanity as one. Some will go up and some will go down, however for those who are ready for true self reflection of love incarnate, we will begin to scoop up those struggling in a wake of purity as we sail into love and soar above the abyss in grace with Gaia as we begin to manifest our next dimensional world or layer gifted to us. This wave of Love in Truth will either fill us or overcome us in a blessing of all the elements, differing for some as apposed to others choosing to either live intent by love in truth or by fear in doubt. Charity, Grace and Hope are manifest virtues within all that we are. Self acceptance and that acceptance of all others on their path can and will gift all souls a new blueprint, or for some not quite ready we can reach out to help up to whomever may still rather be in Anger, Greed, Lust and/or Fear. Rising in Love is our Reward for this long journey we all chose to incarnate here and now to manifest. Our blueprint guides us. We are all the architect and the carpenter, just as we are all hold ownership and accountability of the castle or temple we are anchored in truth as knights, jesters, princes and princesses, one and all. Blessings of Love and Adoration Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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