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In Loving Acceptance of All That You Are...
Sunday May, 20th 2012 It is time now and so important to begin letting go of all those misconceptions quite intentionally put in place so long ago to prevent us from looking at those things that would bring us the most empowerment, specifically regarding Black vs White/Darkness vs Light. The definition of Darkness is “The absence of light.” It does not suggest that evil exists there. The Black Goddess Ray is still light. It is just in a different spectrum all together. Ironically, it is the Goddess Ray that most helps to beautify the body. Just as we cannot see those higher frequencies without either using our inner vision or 1st raising our own vibrations to match them, the Goddess Ray requires rooting down to the beautiful Earth we share in order to attune ourselves to it’s incredibly beautifying attributes. The deeper you grow the roots of the body, grounding into the Goddess Ray of light, the more light and power of your own soul you can then fill it with and the brighter your Physical Body will shine. A true cosmic being has this balance within and so shines the brightest as depicted in many of the oldest artwork we have today showing renderings of Auras, Halos, etc.. It is very important to balance your system with the entire rainbow of your being, including both Higher Body and Highest Self focuses as well as including Grounding/Rooting in regular meditations. Without this balance, one only hits a plateau and becomes stuck in this stagnation. So what is the Goddess Ray? This is the divine feminine of our nature. It is the beautifying Goddess Ray of light that shines within your Lower Root Earth Star Chakra and beyond through grounding/rooting the body. It holding the keys to healing the deepest, most physical extensions of ourselves through the incredibly nurturing powers of nature itself, and so bringing balance to our truly full spectrum nature as cosmic rainbow beings. We can easily access this healing power through meditation. There is a great infatuation with leaving the body and exploring the higher dimensions, but you must first fill the body with the light of your soul so you can gain the power and confidence to raise your frequencies to explore these higher planes as so many aspire to do. We experience these higher dimensions while sleeping. Depending on the soul power one has brought down into their Physical Body, one can begin to traverse further and higher frequencies/dimensions. A true cosmic being is completely unbound by time and space to experience the cosmos while within their Light Body. In order to get that power into the body, it is critically important to Ground the Body into the divine feminine equally as often as you focus on the masculine or male side of our nature within the higher planes. When you ground the body, you rebuild and strengthen the body allowing the soul power to then fill the body much more quickly. When you leave the body without sufficient grounding/rooting, the body becomes weaker which is why so many aspiring to reach Unity Consciousness and Spiritual Empowerment only reach a plateau and become stuck in stagnation. Balance: The male side of our nature, The God Ray of light begins at the Dark Blue Chakra and consists of those higher centers and Higher Planes up to our highest self nature. The female side of our nature, The Goddess Black Ray of light begins at the solar plexus and consists of those lower centers, including the Lower Root/Black Earth Star Chakra and all the nurturing aspects of Mother Goddess within us all. The middle two Chakras hold and regulate balance as the Light Blue Chakra funnels in the light from above down through the lower body as well as filtering in and empowering the Brain and Nervous System with the Goddess Ray of light. The Green Region serves to hold a place to shine the core self in balance and in unity of wholeness as a cosmic being. Take note how often you see people pointing up giving “glory to God” but isn’t God everywhere and everything? This power and glory is within us and part of us as we are all individual extensions of Prime Creator. We must end this idea of separating ourselves from God(dess) if we are to bring in this new creation system to Planet Earth. One must love in absolute acceptance the grander of their entire being including the divine feminine with us all. This includes Highest Self focus as well as grounding/rooting through the Earth Star Chakra. This is why we are all here -all of us! To reclaim balance within our bodies and so through a collective consciousness as a whole then unto the entire planet herself.   As we ground our Physical Bodies, Rooting deeply into the Earth, not only do we heal the most physical aspects within our bodies, but we directly change and heal this misdirected global collective consciousness. One single being doing planetary healing with thoughts of love for ones own body and the planet counteracts so many thousands stuck in the stagnation of the culture. Shine your light, including the full spectrum rainbow of your soul nature connecting to both poles; bringing down the divine masculine from above, and the divine feminine below within just as a tree soaks in its minerals and water. The power of your mind is infinite! The value of your body is so precious and special to all of creation as an individual self expression of Prime Creator -your own Soul or Highest Self. And while physically incarnate here and now, you have the ability to participate in and contribute your own individual ray of light unto creation at the grandest scale. Your value as this individual is unmeasurable. You are an eternal being; an intricate piece of this show that makes up everything in creation. . . You are irreplaceable! Be YOU! -And shine your light! Take a magnet for example.. what would the power and use of a magnet be if it began unconsciously neglecting its own "negative" or "-" side of its polarity? It would hardly be a very effective magnetic resonating force would it?! Still, even referring to a magnet, society sees that keyword and attaches some sort of bad vibes to it. But it is just the full spectrum of that source that makes it so powerful. You too have a Magnetic Body/Thought Body/Casual Body as part of your multidimensional being; a "torus" or magnetic resonating force. So just imagine.. what YOUR body would be like if you empowered both sides of your polarity! The Goddess Ray is NOT evil. It is not negative, it is simply a black ray of light.   These buzzwords even with a battery, naming its two polarities “Positive” and “Negative” have instant emotions responses within each of us, but we as the ground crew must put a stop to these things. Is a magnet either Positive OR Negative at all? Or are these just labels defining the full spectrum polarity of its magnetic resonance? In this case, positive is not good, nor is negative at all evil. It is simply magnetic resonance; the very same power/polarity we share in our bodies. This programmed response must be overcome if we as a society are going to heal the planet -let alone our own bodies. ..love Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page. Message from Ascended Master Maitreya, May 30, 2012. Channeled: Julie Miller http://youtu.be/-6uj47udxxQ?t=4m41s Please listen to this message from Maitreya I was overjoyed to hear the angels finally openly speaking about this! I finally have some tangible evidence beyond my own personal experience in bringing in my own power through these techniques.  Love and gratidude to dearest Maitreya and to Julie Milller! -And uploader.
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