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Making the Best Choices At The Best Time
Wednesday Feb, 19th 2014 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends. Why Do We Make The Worst Choices At The Worst Time? We have an Astral/Energetic expression of our SOUL HEART which acts as an energetic adjustment to help us understand precisely what and how our SOUL'S FEELINGS are at any given moment. This Energy Body is a signal and a warning system that so many misread which allows us to fall into emotional traps. What does it mean to "Fall into an Emotional Trap?" Our Emotional Body lays just below our Energy/Astral Body which is why it can be so difficult to understand our (E)motions, or our "Energy In Motion". When our emotions flare up, that's when we need to remember our Energetic Signals, because that's the way to understand our true HEART'S FEELINGS. Let's please try to stay in our SOUL HEART/Spiritual Heart and find our Unconditional LOVE. This will keep us out of those Emotional Traps, yet still allow us to embrace our Emotional/Ethereal Nature. Its not so hard to climb back up the Spiritual Ladder of our FULL SPECTRUM RAINBOW BEING. I know it can be difficult to embrace our emotions, but this frees us from all of our pain and suffering, from all our burdens as well as allows us to live in laughter which HEALS ALL WOUNDS! As within, so throughout.. just like singing. So let's please stay in our SOUL HEARTS! Sing your soul songs, my brothers and sisters! I love you all so very much!  ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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