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Our Karmic Field - What is Karma?
Friday Mar, 6th 2014 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends, I’d like to continue talking about Karma. Our Karmic Field is made up of our lower incarnate bodies consisting of a more formal or subtle nature. With our highest intentions, we can bring in and enlighten our Karmic field living through love and kindness. Our Conscious and Sub-Conscious selves are our Thought and Causal Bodies. These two make up our Magnetic Nature, or our Magnetic Field. Our Astral Body carries the Energetic Field of our Heart and Soul. It isn’t just our Energy that carries our Karma, but rather our Vibrational Frequency as a whole. It’s more than our Magnetic Nature, more than the Energy Body and flows through the Etheric Nature of our Ethereal Body. These four Subtle Bodies carry our Karmic Field within our Physical Body. Isn’t this our Aura, dear brothers and sisters? There’s a lot going on about clearing Karma, where it comes from and how to clear it. Our Karma is all that we have been, all that we are and all that we choose to become. We live every day making choices based off of our intentions. What are these intentions? Please check out my previous blog; The Light of Karma – A Healing Blessing I love you all so very much, Blessings! ♥ Jacob www.divinewillpower.com ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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